Boleyn Models FAQ

About BoleynModels

We are primarily a daily pay studio network where any income you earn on sites registered with us is collected and sent to you daily when you earn it. We also offer a number of other services to models, including income verification of your consolidated pay, special offers and bonus programs, etc.

Yes, daily pay starts immediately and is automatic. Your first payment (for all money you’ve earned) is paid immediately when we can link and verify your payment method. Note that large sudden payments to brand new models may be subject to a brief security hold.

Technically it is a collection of studios with the different websites. All services we provide as an agency are completely voluntary and your account is released whenever you wish. There is no “non-competition clause” or long-term contract.

Yep, currently we are a 6 person operation with myself, and 4 of us are current or previously active cammodels.

– Some enhanced privacy: Your work history shows from a generic company, as does your tax paperwork. We also have a front website for generic “online marketing” that your letters of income will verify with. This isn’t bullet proof, but it does help.
– Letters of Income and Income verification by phone: We have already used this service to help models rent apartments, apply for car loans, get legitimate work, apply for state aid, and even verification for a bail bondsman(!).
– Fast email response to any issue you may have with helpful and friendly advice or action. We have done a lot with financial planning, tax help, and technical support.
– Emergency advance services for qualified models.

In some cases yes, but this is highly variable depending on your individual circumstances. Please email us and give us details and we’ll help you as best we can. These questions are generally integrated into the signup forms also, so you can just fill out the form and be sure not to “forget” any info.
For Streamate, Camsharks is untouchable…contracts are for life.

Yes we do. Certain countries may be under restriction, including most of the Middle East, Asia, parts of Africa, and South America.
For most non-US countries, we will need to conduct a brief Skype or Discord interview with you. This satisfies several possible legal issues, including FOSTA/SESTA compliance, know-your-client (KYC) regulations, and anti-money laundering and fraud regulations.

We have a number of both industry standard and proprietary methods to catch fraud. Fraudsters and cyber thieves will not have an easy or profitable time trying to use us for any kind of scheme.

Contact Info

Skype support can be found at: BoleynModels

For Skype contact, please leave your full issue so we can answer it immediately when we check it.

Inside your account is a system for support tickets. Please be sure to add to your contact list to receive notifications when we answer the ticket. Turnaround is generally under 24 hours, and under an hour during business times.
You can directly email us at
Always specify the issue or help needed so we can assist you faster.

Katy –; Skype: Katy.Boleyn

Rae –;Skype: naughtynerdyrae


Click any of the “Secure Sign Up” Links sprinkled throughout the front page.

Once you receive your account login password, visit the “Payroll Information Gateway” and proceed to enter your ID pics for 2257 verification.

Once your ID pics are approved, you will see the list of website forms you can sign up for.

Please read the instructions and follow the process carefully for each one, as they can be wildly different from site to site.

You can find the rules for each cam site below:

Cam4 – Part A & Cam4 – Part В: Specifically part B under the heading of User Generated Content
Chaturbate: Specifically refer to Code of Conduct & Illegal and Prohibited Conduct
Clips4Sale: Located midway down the page
IWantClips Part A & IWantClips Part B
ModelCentro: Offerings & Model Products
SkyPrivat Part A & SkyPrivat Part В: Specifically 3. Model RIGHTS AND DUTIES

It may that it is already in use by another model. If a name is generic sounding like “sexykitty1987”, it is likely unavailable. If a name is more unique, it is more likely to be available.
Another reason why we ask you for a new username may be because it contains a portion of your real name in some way. Usernames must not, under any circumstances, be similar to your real information. You can’t go by Nikki if your first or middle name is Nichole, for example.

This is when you direct a client that arrived to you via one website and direct him to pay with a different method or on another site, or direct him to a place where you can take him to another site (such as getting a client to your Twitter so you can ask for PayPal). This will get you banned from our service, even if you direct them between our different partners.

Clients on a website that you didn’t bring there are a result of other people spending on traffic or building a clientele. These clients are “rentals”, they are not yours – even if they are your biggest fans.

You cannot use PayPal or like service (such as Giftrocket or Google Wallet) to accept payments for camming or other adult work. It is against both PayPal and the studio’s rules. PayPal may ban the account and keep the funds if they were to find out. The Studio cannot work with models who use any non-Adult payment processor, especially when so many legitimate Adult-friendly payment processors exist.
Every site has rules against this and, if caught, you will be banned from working for that site. You will also lose your payroll advance privileges with us permanently.
Camming is a great way to make money with a lot of flexibility and freedom, but there are a handful of hard rules you should never break.

– No violence or weapons visible on camera, to include blood of any kind or “forced” scenarios.
– No hard or illegal drug use on camera.
– No unauthorized persons on cam or within earshot of your microphone, to include animals and anyone that has not been age verified.
– No sharing of personal contact details, especially to arrange in person meetings. This includes anything related to escorting, sugaring (in the physical world), prostitution, massage, etc.
– No redirecting clients to alternative payment methods.
 No cyberbullying, doxing, threats, blackmail, or harassment of any kind against other models, clients, or site support staff.

Keep all interactions polite unless you’re being paid not to be.
We will evaluate the circumstances, but in general, violating any of these rules can lead to permanent loss of your account with us and the site.

Please see our ToS for a more complete list.

Yes, you can leave any time and take your account with you by the same process you transferred to us.

Certain sites may lock you in with us for up to 3 months, however, as they don’t want models hopping in and out.


Yes in nearly all cases. Some transfers are completely seamless, some require a process. Make sure to read the form and instructions for each site under “Website Signups” in your dashboard. Every site has a unique process.

These sites allow full transfers to BoleynModels:

– Streamate*
– Cam4
– SkyPrivate
– CammodelDirectory
– ModelCentro
– ManyVids
– Clips4Sale
– IndieBill
– StripChat

* Favorites and placement may be transferred to a new account created in the studio. Learn more

To work with BoleynModels and receive daily pay on these sites, you will be required to close your old account and start completely fresh.

– Chaturbate
– MyFreeCams – For brand new users only!

For sites that do perform transfers, you transfer each account in once and out once. After that, you cannot do any more transfers into or out of the studio on that site.
Independent Cam4 Account transferred in and you transfer it out six months down the line. That account in ineligible to be transferred back into the studio because it has been transferred in once and transferred out once
A studio StripChat account is transferred out a year after we create it for you. Since it began in the studio, it would be eligible to be transferred back in. However, since you already used a transfer out, it could not be transferred back out again in the future.

Payment Methods

By default, the payment minimums depend on the payment method you choose. They are:

Direct deposit (includes Transferwise) – $20
Direct deposit to a business account – $60
Paxum – $40
Blockchain – $50

If you have at least that much in credit from your sites combined, the payment will go out the same day. You may choose to raise you minimum in your BoleynModels dashboard if you’d like. Changes to your minimum take affect at the next daily payment time.

– For US models:

We have direct deposit as the primary method. This includes directly paying your bankcredit union, or any registered prepaid card with a payroll or ACH deposit method.

– Some Canadian and UK banks have ACH deposit via “Cross-border” accounts and agreements with US banks.

– For non-US models:

Transferwise Borderless – Allows us to ACH deposit funds to your Transferwise borderless card or to your bank via their transfer service.
Blockchain – Allows us to put funds directly into your non-USD bank account for no fees and an excellent exchange rate. Funds arrive in 24 hours. This is usually the best option.
Paxum – Standard card service that allows us to instant transfer funds. Fees are higher, but transfers are instant.

The very first payment to a new bank account will take longer than any other. Your bank account is provided to our bank once you reach your payment minimum for the first time. Our bank then verifies your account before they allow us to send you payments. This verification period takes 3 to 5 business days and cannot be skipped. During the period, your earnings will continue to accumulate in your Dashboard account. The day your account is approved by our bank, we will issue your first payment for everything you’ve earned up to this point. Every payment after that to the same bank account will be sent the same business day you reach the payment minimum.

We send direct deposits at the bank’s cutoff time in the late afternoon. The ACH system then re-transmits the money to your account to arrive the morning of the next business day. Friday payments will arrive Monday morning. Intrabank transfers (if you bank in the same bank as us) take just 3 to 4 hours.

No. Payments are only sent immediately following the scheduled daily cutoff time. If you are not at the payment minimum at that time, you will be paid at the next daily payment time once you have reached the payout minimum.

Monday through Friday
Cutoff begins at 1pm Central time. We begin inputting earnings into the system at that time. We usually finish around 3pm and begin issuing payments shortly for those who have reached the payment minimum and have a valid payment method fully setup.
Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays
Cutoff begins at 7am Central. Payments will follow once we are done processing sites. Direct deposits are unable to be sent on these days because of bank limitations.
Note regarding IndieBill, and Chaturbate
IndieBill, Cams and Chaturbate are the only sites who don’t abide by those cutoff times. Those sites only inform us of your sales once per day, covering the past 24 hours. IndieBill does this at 7pm Central. Chaturbate and Cams does this at 12am their time. Anything earned on those sites after that time will be reported to us a day later.

If you are in the US, you can get a pre-paid VISA, MasterCard, or AmericanExpress from most grocery stores and convenience stores. Buying one of these for $5 to $20 credit will get you an account we can deposit to. The fees on these are slightly higher than using a bank, so we encourage you to get an account at a bank or credit union.

If you are not in the US, you can open an account with Transferwise Borderless or Paxum.

Keep in mind that any account we pay MUST BE IN YOUR NAME ONLY. No friends or family accounts.

If they were earned after the daily cutoff began, the missing earnings in question came in after we already processed that site. They will be reflected in your dashboard when we process sites during the next daily cutoff period.
If the money was earned prior to cutoff or more than one cutoff period has passed since you’ve earned them, and they still have not been credited to you, please contact us so we can find the issue and correct it.

We only input your connected accounts in your BoleynModels dashboard once we first have earnings to record for that account at cutoff. If you’ve never had earnings on that account after joining the studio, it will not be listed.

There are a few reasons this might occur:

There was a chargeback or refund issued from a cam site that does not absorb them.
earnings on a cam site to bid for placement if the site allows this.

We may have mistakenly over-credited you at a previous cutoff and the error was corrected.

– You have an outstanding amount on your advance. Please work to bring your account positive or immediately make repayment arrangements with us to keep your advance privileges.

If you have a debit that you cannot account for with one of the above reasons and you want to know why it happened, please contact us.

If you can’t find the answer here, search in the whole website:


Put Your Best Face Forward on March 22-28 GMT

March Best Face Forward Contest

The event will run for one week from Mar 22-28 (GMT). At the end of the event, we’ll add up all the eligible earnings from your best three days (GMT) to determine your rank. The other four days won’t count towards your placement. This means if you have a slow afternoon or need to take a day off, you still have a chance to rank high! You only need three great days of streaming, but the more days you’re on the more chances you have to set a new personal best and get closer to the top prize.

To find out when the contest starts in your time zone, check the contest leaderboard for a countdown. During this contest, the leaderboard will show your placement using just your best three days so far. The top 200 performers will earn some amazing prizes:

Prize List

1st place: $5,000!
2nd place: $4,000
3rd place: $3,000
4th place: $2,500
5th place: $2,000
6th place: $1,800
7th place: $1,600
8th place: $1,400
9th place: $1,200
10th place: $1,000
11-20th places: $800
21-50th places: $600
51-100th places: $400
101-200th places: $200

Chance to Earn a Bonus Gift

You also have a chance to earn a bonus gift! You must stream for at least 25 hours during Mar 22-28 (GMT) to qualify:

  • If you stream 25 hours and earn at least $250, you’ll get a $25 bonus!
  • If you stream 25 hours and earn at least $500, you’ll get a $50 bonus!
  • If you stream 25 hours and earn at least $1000, you’ll get a $100 bonus!

All performers are eligible to earn one of these gifts, including performers in the top 200 ranking. Make sure you stream at least 25 hours throughout the week to qualify.