The Boleyn Models Weekly Bonus & Free Daily Pay

BoleynModels offers several deals and discount programs to enable its models to achieve daily pay at or near full site rates (*Certain restrictions may apply).  CamModels may be eligible for any of the following programs at a given time: The Streamate Bonus Program – Streamate continues to be one of the top cam sites within […]

Sites and Payouts

Updated 15 September 2020 These sites allow account restarts (maybe with some perks and transferring of favorites): Streamate (Tier I – US/CA/UK/most of EU etc.) – 30% base, up to 35% with bonus.  (86 to 100% payout) Streamate (Tier II – RO/CO/PH etc.) – 26% base, up to 30% with bonus. (86 to 100% payout) […]

Streamate Daily Pay Transfer FAQ

Streamate is our #1 program on BoleynModels, and for good reason.  Many cammodels have made a decent career on Streamate and don’t want to risk transferring to daily pay with BoleynModels for fear they will “lose” placement.  Without further ado: What is the procedure for transferring my Streamate account to daily pay with BoleynModels? Start […]

Payment Methods

Direct Deposit (standard) The direct deposit goes through the ACH system.  Payments are made around 3 pm CST on weekdays (M-F) and will arrive the next business day, usually in the very early morning. Payments made on Friday before the 3 pm cutoff may arrive on Saturday or Monday depending on your bank. Banking holidays […]

Maximum Privacy

The BoleynModels Network has several precautionary measures in place that will help ensure your privacy and cover your work as a cammodel in the “adult industry.” We allow models full control of their site accounts.  This allows you to freely make use of any site privacy features even if it impacts your traffic.  Use of Geo-Blocking […]

Cammodel Taxes – Guide and FAQ

BoleynModels Taxes Guide and FAQ for U.S. Cammodels  Please note that this is for U.S. cammodel tax situations only.  While some info may pertain to other countries, tax laws differ wildly – especially in regards to filing requirements, what is and isn’t deductible, and your legal rights as a taxpayer.  Very Important Also – Tax situations […]

Become a Paid Contributor

Share your wisdom! We’re looking for paid contributors to keep up with regular content demands with on a variety of subjects from our diverse pool of cammodel experts. Submit your proposal below, and if its interesting we’ll get back to you with a deadline and payment amount.   Payments range from $100 to $200 for […]

29 July – Site Updates

Just a few short announcements – Site Hosting – BoleynModels We’ve moved our hosting to a different server.  Most of this move has gone smoothly with no interruption in service.  There could be some downtime of a few hours to a day or so in the future when we transfer over our domain names and […]

On Streamate Traffic

Editor’s Note:  This was originally a response to a post in Stripperweb regarding “Streamate doesn’t buy traffic. OK ladies (and gentlebbs), we need to get away from this narrative that Streamate (or any box site) stopped “advertising and buying traffic”. That’s not how it works, nor has it ever worked. Streamate did some experiments with TV […]

BoleynModels Newsletter – July 13 “Dog Days of Summer Edition”

Hello Ladies and Gentlebb’s! I know it’s been excruciatingly long since we released our last newsletter, but there’s been a few reasons for that. We’ve been slowly expanding and moving into our new offices over the last few months as well as getting a few projects in gear we hope to have released soon. Without […]