You Just Became A Cammodel, Now What?

become a cammodel

As today’s technological infrastructure increases so does the number of cammodels signing up to perform online. Because of these growing numbers, getting lost in the crowd of new and innovative cammodels can become the bane of any veteran models routine. How to stand out and what makes you different are additional questions that you should […]

Gain More Exposure On Skyprivate

skyprivate daily pay boleynmodels

Independent cammodels can learn how to gain more exposure on Skyprivate by creating interactive profiles. We have a comprehensive guide on how to make your profiles standout and make more money with camshows. Skyprivate is a strongly recommended platform within the Boleyn Models daily pay network; and we encourage our models to sign up even […]

Join Boleyn Models & Get Free Daily Pay On SkyPrivate

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For cammodels its always a good idea to diversify your income when it comes to performing live camshows between independent sites like Skyprivate or bigger sites such as Streamate. I truly believe that the more diversity you have within your own business structure the less likely you are to feel the pinch during slower seasons. […]

Boleyn Models Should Join Us Live On Streamate!

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Boleyn Models should join us live on Streamate for an opportunity to enhance your money three times in ONE week! Prepare yourself for two back to back contest on Streamate and complete your week with a Boleynmodels Weekly Bonus. First up the 2×2 contest event goes down over a 48 hour period and it’s about to […]

Summer Time Hustle Tips For Cammodels

TajaEthereal   Summer. It’s almost here and for many cammodels this tends to be the slowest time of the year. BUT it doesn’t have to be. There’s still plenty of time to prepare for the summer season and set yourself up so that you can maintain your income during the dreaded “Summer Drought”. Now please […]

Cammodels, Learn How To Thrive During The Summer

cam models during the summer

Now that we’re heading into the Summer season which can for some cammodels be a slow period. In fact during the summer months across the United States many businesses experience a decrease in sales during this time, and not just in the adult industry. For years many cammodels have speculated that the decline of sales […]

Create Content And Save Money With Camlink Alternatives

elgato camlink alternative

Camlink is the latest in video capturing technology from ElGato a leader amongst the gaming community.  They are known for creating applications and lifestyle accessories and content tools for online platforms like YouTube,Twitch and Camsites. By now most cammodels have realized that many of the tools used by mainstream creators can also be used to […]

Computer Maintenance For Cammodels

computer maintenance cammodels

How long has it been since you’ve last thought about basic computer maintenance for your cammodel rig?  If it’s been more than six months then you should definitely keep reading this article. Buying a brand new computer can be intimidating for many people and not just for cammodels.  One of the major stresses revolves around […]

Increase Skype Show Earnings

gmail vacation responder

The cammodel industry has grown into a billion dollar industry with many different sectors for cammers to choose from. Models are able to step away from performing exclusively on camsites that provide free chat services to solo performances live on skype. In most cases it’s best if a cammodel offers a variety of services across […]

Create A Camroom That You Can Fall In Love With!

camroom inspiration boleynmodels

Are you bored with your camspace? Are you facing the dreaded cammodel burnout? Burnout is real and it happens to the best of us. One of the ways that I like to stay motivated is by changing up my environment. When you create a camroom that you love it can open you up to more […]

Turn Your EOS Canon Into A Webcam

turn canon eos into webcam

Cammodels you can now turn your EOS Canon mirrorless camera into a webcam. Two days ago Canon U.S.A announced a new beta software solution that will turn select cameras into a webcam. It’s specifically called the EOS Webcam Utility Beta and it’s past time someone in the camera industry created a high end solution for […]