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cyber monday deals for streamers cammodels

Cyber Monday Deals For Cammodels And Streamers

Cyber Monday is only a few short hours away, and I’ve created a comprehensive list of deals for streamers and cammodels that’s sure to enhance your online business. First off if you’re in the United States, Happy Belated Thanksgiving! How did things go? Did you participate in the Pre-Black Friday festivities with a belly full of barely digested turkey, mac-n-cheese and maybe sweet potato pie searching for the deal of the century? Did you find
skyprivate phone sex app

The Latest News From SkyPrivate

Cammodels can now perform pay per minute skype shows with their smartphone and the use of the Skyprivate plugin. You will still need to have a version of skype open on a desktop to ensure the plugin keeps track of the pay per minute session. Since the release of the plugin’s version 1.3.1, models can now provide shows from their mobile phones. Here, you will find out how to do that. You will need to
skyprivate boleynmodels

Join Boleyn Models & Get Free Daily Pay On SkyPrivate

For cammodels its always a good idea to diversify your income when it comes to performing live camshows between independent sites like Skyprivate or bigger sites such as Streamate. I truly believe that the more diversity you have within your own business structure the less likely you are to feel the pinch during slower seasons. For many cammodels there’s never a slow season and really just a matter of switching up their options. Performing camshows
cammodel technology behind the scenes

Behind The Scenes Tech Ideas For Cammodels

Taja Ethereal For most cammodels I think we can all agree that how we decide to decorate our camrooms is in many ways an extension of ourselves and a way to show off our personalities. This is especially true when you’re a new camgirl wanting to make a lasting impression during your very first live stream. So much attention is paid to camroom decor and frivolous details like pillow arrangements, that quite often the basic
computer shopping for camgirls

Computer Shopping For Cammodels

I’m a new camgirl and I don’t know what kind of computer I need to make the most money. Should I go out and buy a gaming computer? Laptop or desktop? These are a few of the more common questions from camland in regards to computer shopping, that I receive on a daily basis. And they seem to be a range of questions that solicit answers that are forever changing, or at least they appear
logitech c920 webcam software

Hard To Find Cammodel Tools

Technology and cammodel tools that we’ve grown accustomed to over the years has a tendency to change at a moments notice. Especially when it’s a free resource. I’m sure those of use who are operating pc’s are definitely feeling the changes since the creation of Windows 10 and it’s constant updates and annoying patches. However I’m not suggesting cammodels should go out and look for a Mac, definitely not. Despite the many annoyances that come
mobile streaming streamate

Cammodels And The Neon App For Streamate

Streamate is still working hard to utilize cammodel feedback via their onsite surveys and social media accounts. Now that they’ve gathered all of the input one of the many tools requested from streamatemodels is the ability to live stream directly from a mobile device. Streamate has discovered an app that will work with their current platform. Right now it’s only available for IOS but it’s possible that they may have plans to offer the app
nexocams clips4sale

The Latest Update From Nexocams

As many of us in the adult industry have noticed, the webcam game has evolved beyond live streaming. No longer are top camsites like Streamate and MyFreeCams the only contenders when it comes to performing live on cam. In fact for many years adult content sites like Clips4Sale have been the go to place for obscure fetish content. And now after building up a major reputation, C4S has finally decided to venture into the land
cam netflix horror movie camgirls

Cam By Netflix Could Be The 1st Horror Film Featuring Camgirls Done Right!

Netflix has created the very first horror film featuring camgirls and it looks pretty damn good. This film is called Cam and it’s scheduled to be released on Netflix, November 16, 2018. That’s just four more days away and I must admit I’m kind of excited. From the trailer, it appears that the movie Cam has real character development and a plot that actually took some thought? At least I hope so because I’m still
smizing smiling with your eyes

How To Break The Ice

By Taja Ethereal Moments before I log into free chat there’s always a small flash of uncertainty because at times what you make as a cammodel isn’t always guaranteed. Now this moment usually only last a short while and I can always expect it right after I’ve applied my eyeliner and just before I put on my lipstick. I’m a creature of habit and I have my routine down to a science. I even know how long it will take me to apply said makeup (10