Twitter Alternatives Brought To You By MyFreeCams And Manyvids

MyFreeCams now offers a Twitter alternative for cammodels who can’t seem to escape the dreaded shadowban. On Feb. 1st of 2019, MFC created a new social media site that will give models and premium members a way to communicate.  The new site is called MFC Social and is a wonderful concept that caught the attention of another content site. Within a week of MFC Social launching Manyvids decided to roll out their own version and called it, MV Social. Both platforms are not a complete replica of one another and to be fair, the original ManyVids platform was designed to look like a social media site. Whether you’re a fan of MFC or ManyVids you can now connect with your fans on an adult friendly website and not worry about Twitter lockdowns, forced verification and shadow bans.

Why A Twitter Alternative?

For the past year Twitter has been working on an algorithm that will be able to auto-detect spam accounts or those with spam like behavior. Once an account has become labeled as spammy, Twitter will then limit it’s reach. If this happens to your account you will no longer be available for maximum engagement and some users may not even be able to follow you. This is what some adult industry representatives are starting to refer to as the Twitter Lockdown. Many cammodels, pornographers and adult affiliates are experiencing forced verification.twitter forced verfication

Despite having had their accounts for many years they were prompted to verify their accounts with a phone number. With the new changes this is something every new account will need to do when signing up. If you’re not comfortable with giving Twitter your phone number, it is still possible to verify with a a Google Voice number. As it turns out it’s fairly easy to be labeled as a spam account in our industry especially if you’re using automation bots. Another way to become shadow banned or locked out of your account is by sending out large amounts of tweets using the same hashtag with very little engagement.  This is why it’s best to break up your routine and actually engage with members on the platform.

The Alternatives Are:

  • MFC Social created by MyFreeCams a wonderful camsite in the Boleyn Models Daily Pay Network. MFC Social is connected to their content site, MFC Share. When models and premium members log into their MFC Social site for the first time all of their followers, friends and bookmarks list will be added immediately. It’s a very simple concept and according to their latest post cammodels can even receive tips through their social timeline. It’s incredibly innovative and allows for a greater trouble free connection minus Twitter bias. Here’s a promo video featuring MFC Models who attended the Vancouver Tattoo Convention. Listen to what they have to say:

For more information on MFC Social please visit their wiki.

  • MV Social operated by ManyVids also a member of the Boleyn Models Daily Pay Network. Every year social media platforms become more and more censorious, sex-negative, and anti-sex worker. Even the networks once friendly to adult content and sexuality have recently added restrictions or outright bans to the free expression of human sexual desire.  And for these reasons ManyVids decided to create MV Share. Their social network was designed as a safe space for adult content creators and their many fans. 

Twitter Alternative MV Social


Content creators on ManyVids are called MV Stars and each model can use their profile page to show off all of their content.  Every profile page on the platform will include a social media feed showcasing contents sales, newly uploaded videos, pic sets, promo codes, contest statistics and more. All of this will be shown in real time just like Twitter. 

MV Stars are able to post text, pics, gifs, and vids to their  MV Social feed. They can also follow other MV Stars and members while receiving updates from them directly into their feed.  Models can also re-post content from other users on their page. That’s a great way to help friends gain more exposure and a way to increase engagement with spenders. 

FYI If you’re already a cammodel using Manyvids you can have your account transferred to our daily pay network. Never wait to reach payout again! For more information on the transfer process models can send an email to


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