Behind The Scenes Tech Ideas For Cammodels

cammodel technology behind the scenes

For most cammodels I think we can all agree that how we decide to decorate our camrooms is in many ways an extension of ourselves and a way to show off our personalities. This is especially true when you’re a new camgirl wanting to make a lasting impression during your very first live stream. So […]

A Splitcam Guide For Cammodels

splitcamming for cammodels

#TajaTechTalk There are so many important components to our daily routines that can impact our abilities for multi-tasking.  Being a cammodel can appear so easy to those who have no idea what goes on behind the scenes not to mention the definition of splitcamming. Many will be surprised to learn that the job of a […]

Computer Shopping For Cammodels

computer shopping for camgirls

I’m a new camgirl and I don’t know what kind of computer I need to make the most money. Should I go out and buy a gaming computer? Laptop or desktop? These are a few of the more common questions from camland in regards to computer shopping, that I receive on a daily basis. And […]