Note to Fraudsters

We’ve had a lot of issues with criminals posing as models signing up lately so we’d like to make a few things clear.

  • We check our payments by hand. This means we spot fraud that more automated systems can’t, and spot it faster. Going through us adds an additional layer of scrutiny, not protection from being caught.
  • We are not interested in “looking the other way so we both get rich”, we make adequate money from legitimate means. Safety and service (for all parties) are our top priorities, the money follows from this.
  • We will do a cam check before we pay you anything. We’re very brief, professional, and friendly – it’s nothing to worry about.
  • We will NOT pay to a Payoneer or Paxum account that doesn’t have your name on it. Ever. Period. We will happily help you make one as needed.
  • Large sudden payments will be held for checking, at least until a baseline earnings pattern can be established.
  • If this is not acceptable, we will immediately release you back to the websites for direct payment.

    In short, please don’t waste our time or yours if you aren’t for real. We will not be a party to young peoples’ identities being exploited by mobsters for their credit card fraud rings, or underage models being switched in to accounts.  We fully comply with the KYC rules and regulations and we have a good working relationship with every site we work with – if you wish to use our services for evil it will not end well for you.

    However, if you are legitimate you will be given the same high-level of service all our models receive. The extra security we’ve always had in place does not inconvenience models that work hard and play by the rules.  We work very hard for our models ensuring we can do what we can for them, but never confuse being professional and “nice people” with being naive.

    These incidents have taken a very big toll on our time and nerves for the last week or so since we opened the Tier II SM studio. I’m hoping the mobster kids get it all out of their system soon, but they just keep coming and getting angrier each time they don’t get their way.  To them we kindly ask to find another avenue, BoleynModels will not be profitable for you.

    Pentru modelele non-SUA sunt cateva reguli care trebuie citite si respectate/tinute minte:

    – Noi verificam fiecare plata individual. Asta inseamna ca orice caz de frauda este depistat cu mai multa acuratete decat sistemele automatizate. Studioul nostru poate fi considerat inca un nivel de securitate, nicidecum o patura de protectie cand vine vorba de frauda.
    – Nu suntem interesati de modelul: “o mana spala pe cealalta , si toata lumea se imbogateste”. Modelul nostru de business este bazat pe legalitate si siguranta. Vom face tot posibilul sa il mentinem la standarde superioare.
    – Verificarea video este mandatorie, insotita de actul de indentitate. Nu facem plati daca nu aceasta verificare nu este trecuta.
    – Nu facem plati catre conturi de Paxum sau Payoneer care nu sunt pe numele modelului. Prieteni, cumostinte si cainele familie nu conteaza. Daca ai nevoie de un cont cu Payoneer/Paxum te putem ajuta.
    – Daca modelul primeste o suma mare pentru un show (in special cand este vorba de un model nou); suma respectiva nu va fi platita pana nu este verificata (cu site-ul de unde vine)
    – Daca modelul nu este de acord cu regulile noastre, vom incheia colaborarea si modelul va fi liber(a) sa profeseze independent.

    Acestea fiind spuse, noi vom oferi acelasi servicii de calitate pentru orice model, indiferent din ce parte a lumii vine. Am adoptat aceste masuri ca sa putem pastra siguranta tuturor la nivel maxim.

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