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Whether you’re a new model, a veteran, or somewhere in between, it’s almost impossible to be in the industry without hearing both the triumphs and the devastation that tube sites have caused in their wake.  Regardless of how anyone personally feels, the facts remain that they are a GIANT in the adult industry and as my grandma always said, “If you can’t get out of it, you might as well get into it.”

Cue PornHub’s model program. To be honest, I didn’t even realize that there WAS a model program until recently.  I asked Aria (PornHub’s social media manager) questions to help an article I was writing about getting a snapchat takeover with them, and she told me they are more likely to offer them to models who use their program. I went to their site, scrolled to the bottom and saw that they did indeed have a model program (NOT to be confused with their content partner program.)

camgirl ivyadams pornhub

Turns out this is extremely straight forward and a nice alternative to constantly fighting to have your content taken down, or trying to convert people who may not have the money to spend at the time.

So, the first question is: How do I create a model account?

1. Create a Pornhub Model Payment Account– anybody can create a free account on Pornhub, but keep in mind that you’ll want yours to look professional and present your brand.  Pornhub has CRAZY traffic (I’m not kidding, in 2016 they had 23 billion visits. That’s 64 MILLION per day) so you’ll want to have your social media information, as well as all of your links easily accessible.

2. Get Verified– There are easy steps to follow on sites to become a verified account. It’s as simple as uploading a picture of your face holding a sign with your username. It took less than 48 hours for my profile to be verified, they are extremely quick.

3. Become a Model– after you’re verified, there is a model application form that you fill out and submit. It’s a basic form including your legal info, payment information, Two forms of ID… Yep, that’s not a mistype, you will need two forms of ID.  A photo ID and a birth certificate, social security card etc. will work for the secondary.  Don’t forget that if you’re going to be uploading videos with other talent, you MUST upload 2 forms of ID for them as well before uploading anything that includes them.

That’s it! Once you submit the model application, you wait for the email to be sent saying that you have been approved. Next, all that’s left is uploading content and sharing it on social media to get those views up. Which brings me to the next factor about this model program, and probably what you’ve been screaming at me this whole time to talk about.

What about the money and how do I make it using PornHub?

Good question! I have heard both ends of the spectrum in regards to how much money is possible through Pornhub. They pay out roughly 90% of the ad revenue that is shown with your videos. That’s a great percentage but the truth of the matter is that ad revenue doesn’t pay out very much, so to make a decent amount you’re going to want a lot of VIEWS. The percentage of what you’re making is dependent on how many views and the rating of your video, so keep in mind there will be some fluctuation. From what I can gather, it seems to be roughly $100 per 100,000 views.  Don’t let the high number scare you,

because trust and believe if you post free porn people will watch it. Getting people to subscribe to your profile so they get a notification when you post is a sure way to get those views up quick.

ivy adams pornhub

Fans Can Join Camgirl IvyAdams @

Here are the important bits:

  • -Models receive a percentage of the ad revenue, the percentage is based on views and rating of the video.
  • -Payments are made in USD, all countries are accepted for joining
  • -They payout through check, Paypal or Paxum
  • -Minimum payout is $100 and payouts go out once a month

They also have pretty spectacular contests. Not only do they do video contests where they offer cool prizes like video recording equipment or new webcams, they also have monthly model and video prizes!

  • Amateur Model of the Month: $1000
  • Professional Model of the Month: $1000
  • Amateur Newcomer of the Month: $500
  • Professional Newcomer of the Month: $500

porn hub's model payment program10 Top Videos of the Month (regardless of model type)  1st Place: $500  2nd Place: $400  3rd Place: $300  4th Place: $200  5th Place: $150  6th – 10th Place: $50

In addition to the monthly contests, they have an annual model contest.

  • Amateur of the Year: $10,000
  • Model of the Year: $10,000
  • Amateur Newcomer: $5,000
  • Professional Newcomer: $5,000

And 10 Top Videos of the Year (regardless of model type)  1st Place: $5,000  2nd Place: $4,000  3rd Place: $3,000  4th Place: $2,000  5th Place: $1,500

6th & 7th Place: $500  8th – 10th Place: $250

porn hub amateur of the month

Okay, but is using Pornhub worth it for Cammodels?

Well.. That’s something that you can only answer for yourself. You can never have too many eggs in your basket and I know of models who have extreme success with their accounts. Millions of views and a nice extra check every month.

Their model support is amazing, I have never dealt with better. They are quick and super friendly. BONUS: If you have content that has been pirated or is posted of you, email their model support after signing up and ask to have all of it transferred over to your account. They will transfer over anything that is yours AND back pay you on the ad revenue.

#RealTalk: This platform allows you to monetize those eyes all over that have never spent a dime, give a nice freebie to some of your fans who DO spend money but can’t afford to all the time, control your pirated content, and give you free exposure and marketing to a huge base. In my opinion, it’s absolutely worth it.

If you’d like to learn more tips on making your cammodel business a success, please contact us on Twitter  for daily payments, tech support and marketing solutions. To sign up directly with PornHubs Model Payment Program you can visit this LINK

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