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Who Is Abby Oddly?

The Internets First Cartoon Camgirl

One of Chaturbate’s newest and most controversial camgirls is Abby Oddly an animated camgirl. That’s right! She is a cartoon cammodel, who live streams on the platform with 7800 followers and climbing.  While many were focusing on ways to perfect virtual reality streams and the Internets obsession with sex robots, someone else was cooking up a plan to bring a real Hentai model to Chaturbate, the most visited token based camsite on the net. And when I say “Real Hentai Model”, this should not be confused with the legion of hentai obsessed cammodels who tend to flock to token based camsites more than any other. No, not the ones who’re into wearing cosplay wigs and Sailor Moon outfits while masturbating with Bad Dragon dildos that squirt. Abby Oddly is literally a cartoon.

According to Abby she has special permission from Chaturbate themselves and is allowed to live stream on the site while receiving tokens like everyone else. And not only is she the world’s first Hentai Camgirl, she’s also a blogger with a strong focus on sexuality on a site called FigWiggly? After looking at the website FigWiggly I wonder if it’s been approved as part of a promotional campaign to support their brand? I have so many questions. While I write this I am in fact laughing in disbelief that this is an actual thing that took place over the weekend, but I’m also incredibly impressed because she reportedly made over 9,000 tokens in her first two nights (possibly more) and had  over 16,000 viewers in her chatroom. In case you were wondering about how much a token is on Chaturbate and how much of that cammodels receive. The breakdown is this:

Customers Spend .10 cent per token on Chaturbate and cammodels earn 50% of customer spending.

20 tokens = $1
100 tokens = $5
500 tokens = $25
1000 tokens = $50
10000 tokens = $500
1 token is worth 5 cents

So far the reaction to this latest anomaly has varied between complete outrage and possible fear that cammers will start to lose money to a “fucking cartoon” to total disbelief and a lack of clarity in regards to models not know what the hell to think.

Going forward I wonder how long this account will last and if it will spark a new trend in the camming community? Hentai is nothing new and animated sex objects is definitely not a new concept. It has it’s own following of hardcore fans showing love on sites like SecondLife. Even Netflix has a documentary from 2010 called Life 2.0 about internet users who become obsessed with alternate realities filled with animated avatars and characters who are allowed to earn virtual cash called linden dollars. So maybe Abby Oddly isn’t the first animated camgirl but the first to turn virtual currency into a bankable asset?

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