WhatsApp Sexting With OurLittleSecret

More Ways For Cammodels To Earn

Once again the team from Skyprivate have created a new opportunity for cammodels who love texting with apps like WhatsApp. The new and latest texting platform is called OurLittleSecret and as I’ve said it’s from the creators of Skyprivate and indy billing platform, Unblur. OurLittleSecret is fully integrated with WhatsApp. It’s still in the testing stage and interested models are invited to signup to the new sexting platform and receive a full 150% payout until August, 26th.

ourlittlesecret whatsapp sexting

Here’s more information on OurLittleSecret and how it works:

  • Using the platform is 100% discreet because customers and models will never see the others real phone numbers. Phone numbers will always remain private and will correspond with your regular Whatsapp number.  All interactions will show with a phone number specifically for OurLittleSecret.
  • 1 credit/token = $1
  • Chat Host who use the platform are given the ability to set their own rates.
  • Not only do models earn per response but they are also able to receive money for the pictures that customers send to them. That’s right you can get paid to look at dick pics!
  • There are NO Chargebacks and you will never have to worry about losing money.
  • The payout percentage for chat host is 75%. (We’re currently in the process of including OurLittleSecret into the Boleyn Models Daily Pay program. That rate will be announced soon.)
  • If you do not decide to use Boleyn Models for your daily payouts, models have to option of receiving payments every two weeks via SEPA, ACH, Paxum, ePayments, ePayservices, Bitcoin, ETH and Wire.

How to join 150% beta campaign for OurLittleSecret:

1. Register at http://www.OurLittleSecret.co
2. RT this tweet OR invite your membes via your own Twitter Page
3. Then Cash out at 150%! 

To get an idea of what your profile page will look like after sign up please visit the model page.  https://www.ourlittlesecret.co/models . You will have the opportunity to promote your model profile and your customers will need to buy credits to get started. Once that is done your very new Whatsapp conversation will begin. Be sure to bookmark this article for more updates regarding OurLittleSecret and it’s integration into the Boleyn Models Network. Follow us on Twitter @BoleynModels for other updates for the cammodel community.