Vanessa Explains Streamate Placement

Streamate‘s cammodel outreach coordinator, Vanessa discusses cammodel placement in her latest blog post. She goes over common misconceptions and tips on how to improve your Streamate placement.  Several months ago SM sent out an email announcing Smart Placement for cammodels and what to expect moving forward. In the email SM, one of the industries leading camsites refers to the change as “Smarter Placement”. From the sound of things, it appears that they’re taking notes from major tech companies.

Social media platforms frequently utilize artificial intelligence to sort content based on viewer history and preferences.

Introducing Smarter Placement For Streamatemodels:

We’re excited to announce an update to Streamate members’ front pages! When a member logs on, they now see a unique list of performers based on their preferences and habits. This means your placement is no longer simply “high” or “low”—it’s different for each member. You’ll show up near the top of the page for members who are a good match, automatically pairing you with the viewers who are likely to enter your room and spend!

Our goal is to deliver relevant and high-quality results to all of our members, so your video quality, ratings, and consistency are still important factors that will help you stand out. You can read more details on the updated Placement help page, along with our best tips for being seen on as many members’ lists as possible!

If you’re an avid user of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and even Twitter you may already be familiar with algorithms designed to put the most relevant content in front of viewers. If you are social media savvy, then this latest announcement from Streamate will come as no surprise to you. You may have even seen it coming? Some of the things mentioned in the above statement have already been in effect for several years now. For example, logged in customers on the camsite are first met with cammers from their favorites list and even similar suggestions for other cammodels who may have similar attributes listed in their bio page.  Therefore the new Smarter Placement for Streamate may not be too concerning for existing models on the platform. But going forward how will this work exactly?

Streamate Smarter Placement

It’s been my experience as a veteran performer in the adult industry that customers tend to bounce around from category to category and willing to spend money across several demographics. Sometimes all in the same day. And because I know that customer trends and habits can frequently change on their own, I’m wondering how necessary it is for camsites to implement artificial intelligence to determine smarter placement? Could this new sort turn out to be a great way for customers looking for the “perfect” match or will it be a hindrance for models in need of more exposure?  Feel free to tell us what you think by leaving us a comment here on the Boleyn Models website or you can follow us on Twitter @BoleynModels and let us know there.


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