This Is Why Cammodels Shouldn’t Use PayPal

A Friendly Reminder, Plus Alternatives

If you’re new to camland and have begun to use payment services like PayPal, Patreon, Circle Pay and Cashapp, please stop now! These payment options are not intended to be used for adult services.

PayPal and Cammodels



PayPal isn’t sexworker friendly.  Patreon does not want cammodels on their platform and Cashapp is not the answer. We’ve discussed this topic several times here on the BoleynModels blog, but just in case you forgot all the reasons why these aren’t viable options this article shall serve as a reminder. Below I’m going to list a few articles going over the importance of using payment providers created with cammodels in mind. I will also link to articles explaining why companies like PayPal and Patreon are big no-nos.

  • Cammodels And PayPal.They Are Not Your Friend: One of the many questions that’s frequently asked by cammodels in regards to accepting online payments, mostly “baby cammers”, is can I use PayPal to sell camshows? And no matter how often this question is asked and answered, nor the numerous articles written about PayPal and the adult industry, the answers given seem to evade the minds of many cammodel performers in camland. READ MORE
  • Patreon Alternatives For Adult Content Creators: Patreon the number one site for creatives and original content creators has decided to distance themselves once again from sex workers. If you’re a cammodel, phone sex operator or clip maker in search of a primary hub to display you’re creative talents it’s a much wiser choice to choose a space that will welcome you with open arms. READ  MORE

It’s time for us to start supporting businesses that are willing to work with us. When we do support sex worker friendly businesses, it allows companies like IndieBill and Unblur the ability to create products with our needs in mind.  This will also give cammodels the space to create without the fear of losing it all.

PayPal and sexworkers

  • UnBlur Media, Tech For The Adult Industry: Cammodels can join Unblur media and start selling digital downloads, photo sets and subscriptions to various social media accounts like SnapChat. Panty sales and other physical items are allowed as well.  Skyprivate created Unblur.Media to ensure cammodel creators have a greater chance of increasing their revenue with technology that will help maintain independence.  Now joining the Boleyn Models Daily Pay network, Unblur is a new option for independent cammodels selling skype shows and adult content creators. READ MORE

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