The Mystery Surrounding Cammodel Traffic

Studios do not and never have directly increased traffic to their specific models. There simply isn’t a cost effective mechanism to do so. There are several services that prey on models and tell them to join the studio for better placement or buy their service for better traffic, but it’s all just hot air and always has been. Even being active on Twitter is generally more to the studio’s recruiting benefit than bringing more traffic to the model. The model brings the traffic and gets the placement, then the studio takes the credit.

Cammodel Studios may create white-labels and use their models’ images to promote that particular white label, but it is not in their monetary interest to force the customer into a room where he won’t spend vs. a model’s room where he will – cam studio or not. However, this doesn’t stop some studios from advertising as “promoting their models with preferential placement.”

We at Boleyn Models have researched this for years. If there was any way to bring a meaningful advantage to our own cammodels by way of traffic, we would have found it. We’ve spent thousands of dollars testing these things thoroughly. We are the in the top 5 studios for nearly every site we work with, if there were “special placement offers” that meant anything, we would have secured them. However what we do offer in our daily pay studio is tech support and training to increase conversions and chat room engagement. In addition to those perks we have team members who can assist you with marketing insights and help you build an online campaign to enhance your cammodel brand. For more information on those topics please send an email to

To be quite honest there really isn’t a grand conspiracy or a cabal of insiders taking all the “good traffic” – it’s not a very feasible concept once you think it over. The truth is camsites have no interest in artificially boosting a cam studio model that doesn’t convert as much traffic as those who do. Their number one interest is to design a system that gets the most new signups.

What Does Work To Elevate Your Placement On Camsites Like Streamate:
⦁ Maintaining A Consistent Schedule – 15 hours a week minimum to become successful.
⦁ Salesmanship!!! (aka The Hustle, aka POSITIVE ATTITUDE!)
Cammodel Technology and knowing what you need to perform. Good internet package, good computer.  Avoid camming via Wifi if possible    and just know that PC Desktops are your friend. They hold   up far better than a laptop during long hours on cam. Laptops tend to         overheat very quickly causing your programs to malfunction.
⦁ Keep your look fresh and inviting, always try to appeal to a new customer base. Regulars are easy to maintain but they expire. You want constant fresh spenders. This includes both your look and your cam space. Don’t be afraid to mix it up from time to time.
⦁ If you offer a niche or fetish service, it’s best to do the research first to know what it is that you’re doing. There is nothing worse than to       have your ratings bomb because you said you could do something you don’t understand.
⦁ When you start out simply focus on a few sites at a time. Don’t cheat their systems. It never turns out well.
⦁ Avoid charging low rates for your cammodel services. Pandering to cheapskates is a sure fire way to suffer the dreaded cammodel burnout. Besides you’ll work 5x harder for half the money.
⦁ From Time To Time, everyone will have experiences with camsite glitches. The key is to roll with it. Your bank account will thank you        for keeping calm and camming on.

A physical cam studio will basically force their models to comply with the above rules and maintain a set schedule. This is what makes some a little more successful. If a model can’t comply, then they are liable to lose their camroom to a model that can. And usually when this happens, that particular studio may fabricate claims promising “better placement” for their cammodels.

And there are of course some studios known as the “promotional studio” like KGB, that will only put resources into models that are already wildly successful and force them into many of the requirements listed above. And for that they take a cut 3x what we do here at Boleyn Models. We believe in transparency and maintaining a high level of integrity and this is why we’re willing to share and disect the “mystery” surrounding cammodel placement.


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Put Your Best Face Forward on March 22-28 GMT

March Best Face Forward Contest

The event will run for one week from Mar 22-28 (GMT). At the end of the event, we’ll add up all the eligible earnings from your best three days (GMT) to determine your rank. The other four days won’t count towards your placement. This means if you have a slow afternoon or need to take a day off, you still have a chance to rank high! You only need three great days of streaming, but the more days you’re on the more chances you have to set a new personal best and get closer to the top prize.

To find out when the contest starts in your time zone, check the contest leaderboard for a countdown. During this contest, the leaderboard will show your placement using just your best three days so far. The top 200 performers will earn some amazing prizes:

Prize List

1st place: $5,000!
2nd place: $4,000
3rd place: $3,000
4th place: $2,500
5th place: $2,000
6th place: $1,800
7th place: $1,600
8th place: $1,400
9th place: $1,200
10th place: $1,000
11-20th places: $800
21-50th places: $600
51-100th places: $400
101-200th places: $200

Chance to Earn a Bonus Gift

You also have a chance to earn a bonus gift! You must stream for at least 25 hours during Mar 22-28 (GMT) to qualify:

  • If you stream 25 hours and earn at least $250, you’ll get a $25 bonus!
  • If you stream 25 hours and earn at least $500, you’ll get a $50 bonus!
  • If you stream 25 hours and earn at least $1000, you’ll get a $100 bonus!

All performers are eligible to earn one of these gifts, including performers in the top 200 ranking. Make sure you stream at least 25 hours throughout the week to qualify.