Cammodel Tips For Chatroom Engagement

chatroom engagement

By Pandora Desire   When it comes to becoming a successful cammodel one of the most important aspects to our success is the ability that one possesses to fully engage her/his chatroom. It makes no matter if you are a new model trying to figure it out or a seasoned model who may have let […]

Photography & Lighting Tips For Cammodels

By Pandora Desire As a Webcam Model using photography will be an important part of your business. When going about acquiring images for your business there are many things to consider. Some of us are the type that prefer a DYI approach, some who would rather pay to have the images done by a photographer, […]

Body Positive At Any Age Or Size

body positive

By Pandora Desire Usually when we hear the phrase “size matters” we think of the size of a man’s dick, but when it pops into this cam models mind it’s relevance is completely about my body size. In the cam business, we are classified by age, color, hair, and yes by body size. My problem […]

Is It Possible To Be Cammodel And A Feminist?

cammodels and feminism

By Pandora Desire Can a woman working in the sex industry be a whole-hearted feminist? This is a question that has plagued my cammodel mind for about three years now. I entered the exceptionally fascinating world of web cam modeling a bit more than five years ago, my reasons for entering the sex on the internet line […]