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Our Policy Regarding Large Cammodel Payments

TL:DR synopsis: When a single client or quick series of clients pays you a very large amount in a very short period, the rules on how payments work with daily pay can change due to numerous laws and regulations. Please be aware of this if it happens to you. In the last month we’ve received several different cases where models received absurdly large tips (in the $3000 to $12,000 range) from clients. Each case was …


Sell Skype Shows With Camlust

A brand new Skype directory for cammodels is joining the Boleyn Models daily pay network. Starting on November 1st, Camlust will be available for new cammodel signups on our site. Camlust is a Skype listing site where cammodels can sell pre-paid shows and very soon there will even be a choice to sell shows live on Discord as well. This new venture has been created by a 12 year veteran in the adult industry who …


Cammodel Banking And How To Get Paid.

For many performers in the cammodel industry the past two months have been very stressful, due to a major banking source for adult payments were forced to liquidate their entire business. On April 9th, Choice Bank Ltd. announced to account holders that they had been forced into a “liquidity-constrained position” and were eliminating all withdrawals from deposit accounts and other outbound payment activities.  This sudden announcement sent the entire adult industry into a panic causing a …

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Investments And IRA Acquisitions

Focusing on your cammodel savings and investing now for future prospects is a great way to kill a lot of birds with one stone. And one of the single most important steps to securing a financially stable plan is by creating your very own IRA account.  Cammodels frequently face a unique set of issues during tax season, primarily because many of the write-offs available to self-employed professionals are hard to come by.  Well instead you …

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The Mystery Surrounding Cammodel Traffic

Studios do not and never have directly increased traffic to their specific models. There simply isn’t a cost effective mechanism to do so. There are several services that prey on models and tell them to join the studio for better placement or buy their service for better traffic, but it’s all just hot air and always has been. Even being active on Twitter is generally more to the studio’s recruiting benefit than bringing more traffic …


Streamate Discovers A FirstChoice Alternative For European Models

Today one the adult industries top camsites, Streamate announced that they’ve found a First Choice alternative for European cammodels. In an email sent out a short time ago, Streamate stated that they will start offering an additional payment source in light of the recent First Choice debacle. Now that FC has suddenly liquidated their adult payment services this has left many cammodels stranded without a viable option for cammodel payments. Many adult services, including daily …