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My Journey To Becoming A Model On MyFreeCams

By Ivy Adams   If you know me then you have  heard me say a thousand times “First you create the demand and then you supply the demand.” I see models using this flawlessly across their social media in regards to a new video coming out or a new product they are offering for sale, yet I rarely see this when it comes to performing live camshows. Especially when it’s in regards to starting on …


Make Money Texting And Get Paid Every Day

  Now the Boleyn Models network has more opportunities for people to make money texting while getting paid every day. Our daily pay program for webcammodels, phone sex operators and clip makers has even more options than ever before. In addition to veretan program partners like IndieBill, we now provide daily payments for a new texting platform called Ourlittlesecret. This venture comes from the creators of Skyprivate who also own Unblur, a site for adult …

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Join Boleyn Models & Get Free Daily Pay On SkyPrivate

For cammodels its always a good idea to diversify your income when it comes to performing live camshows between independent sites like Skyprivate or bigger sites such as Streamate. I truly believe that the more diversity you have within your own business structure the less likely you are to feel the pinch during slower seasons. For many cammodels there’s never a slow season and really just a matter of switching up their options. Performing camshows …

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Hard To Find Cammodel Tools

Technology and cammodel tools that we’ve grown accustomed to over the years has a tendency to change at a moments notice. Especially when it’s a free resource. I’m sure those of use who are operating pc’s are definitely feeling the changes since the creation of Windows 10 and it’s constant updates and annoying patches. However I’m not suggesting cammodels should go out and look for a Mac, definitely not. Despite the many annoyances that come …

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Our Policy Regarding Large Cammodel Payments

TL:DR synopsis: When a single client or quick series of clients pays you a very large amount in a very short period, the rules on how payments work with daily pay can change due to numerous laws and regulations. Please be aware of this if it happens to you. In the last month we’ve received several different cases where models received absurdly large tips (in the $3000 to $12,000 range) from clients. Each case was …

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Get Paid Every Day With Us…And Enter A Halloween Contest

The Boleyn Models daily pay network is having a Halloween Contest right now on Twitter! We are coming up on our sixth year in the cammodel industry and would like to kick off the holiday season with a new incentive to join our daily pay network. Since December 2013, we begin providing services to both new and veteran webcammodels while building a strong reputation in the industry. In these past six years we’ve grown stronger …


Sell Skype Shows With Camlust

A brand new Skype directory for cammodels is joining the Boleyn Models daily pay network. Starting on November 1st, Camlust will be available for new cammodel signups on our site. Camlust is a Skype listing site where cammodels can sell pre-paid shows and very soon there will even be a choice to sell shows live on Discord as well. This new venture has been created by a 12 year veteran in the adult industry who …

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iFriends Closes Down After 20 Years

After 20 years iFriends the oldest camsite in the industry is closing down. On October 16th, 2018, iFriends released a statement announcing to cammodels and affiliates that they were immediately closing their camsite. This news comes a complete surprised to us here at Boleyn Models because iFriends was one of our network partners. It was a pleasure to have them in our daily pay program for cammodels and we are saddened to see an industry …

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Cammodels And PayPal

One of the many questions that’s frequently asked by cammodels in regards to accepting online payments, mostly “baby cammers”, is can I use PayPal to sell camshows? And no matter how often this question is asked and answered, nor the numerous articles written about PayPal and the adult industry, the answers given seem to evade the minds of many cammodel performers in camland. So now after years of being an online performer who’s shared her …

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PayRoll Advances For Cammodels

Our Payment Information Gateway also known as The P.I.G,  is nearing it’s final “feature completion” stage with just a few small things left to add.  After this, we’ll be putting our development resources towards new, exciting, and top “secret” ventures. One of the last features to go into the P.I.G, is our new Pay Advance system.  Since the beginning Pay Advances have been a key feature of our daily pay program and it has allowed …