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Creating Cammodel Profiles And How To Get Noticed

One of the best ways to get noticed among a sea of webcammers is by sprucing up your cammodel profiles. What you choose as your bio pic and tagline can be your virtual calling card when you work online. Deciding on the right image that accurately describes your cammodel persona and your expertise isn’t always easy but it is doable. When creating your cammodel profile for any given camsite you may want to give it …

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Why Isn’t There Any Traffic In My Camroom?

If this doesn’t sound familiar then you probably aren’t a cammodel. Time and time again I’ve read stories about dead chatrooms and a lack of traffic and models wondering where it all went? I myself have had days where it was so dead that I forgot that I was logged in. And as most cammers know sitting in a dead chatroom is the worst and only get’s worse as time goes on, because of a …

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Facebook Face Recognition & Sexworkers

This article was originally posted on March 7, 2018. Since that time Facebook has started to give some members the option to opt out of it’s Facial Recognition Software. As of today June 9th, not all members have been given that option. The most recent updates have been added to the end of this story.  Listen up cammodels, sexworkers and all around hustlers! If you are using Facebook as a part of your marketing efforts …

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The Latest Cammodel Experience

Streamate the leading camsite for private camshows, would like you to know that they’re ready to strengthen the bonds between cammodels and their adoring fans. In recent months Streamate began making the transition from a flash based website to a more updated version created with html 5 to guarantee viewers are able to view their favorite models on multiple devices. Most importantly mobile devices which for many adult entertainment sites counts for over 60% of …

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Should Cammodels Use Facebook?

Most applications including Facebook have a search option using your email address. You can access your privacy setting and turn the ability to be found via your email address off apps like Facebook,Tumblr and Twitter. However this does not protect you from being found via a google search with your email address if you post it online. A great number of cammodels have personal webpages and blogs used to advertise themselves. Often times you will …

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How To Rank In The Top Nine Post On Instagram

Taja Ethereal   Like all online programs designed for social media and internet marketing there’s an algorithm in place. And the fastest growing image sharing app Instagram, is no exception. Most people who use Instagram have no idea that there is a method to using the platform beyond hashtags. In fact it’s quite often that I come across Instagram accounts that don’t use hashtags at all. Many are simply posting creative content with the hopes …


Cammodels Is It Really Slow?

By Hyori Kim We all have those days as cammodels, when it seems like nothing is working in your favor to bring in the money. In frustration, you rage quit and to make yourself feel better, you end up going out and spending your rent money at the nearest bar and barfing it into the toilet. Don’t do that! Instead, change your perspective and use the free time that you have to never go broke again. …

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The Major Keys To Webcammodeling

By Kari Anthony   There are major key essentials that every webcammodel in the adult industry should know. Own your decision to create an online cammodeling business. Be 100% sure this is what you want to do. General life rule: Don’t do anything that you wouldn’t be OK with your family finding out about. This also includes your future-in-laws, teachers at the PTA meetings etc. In other words, What you put on the internet  is Permanent: There’s a great …

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Marketing Tips For Cammodels

By Kari Anthony     Cammodel marketing & website advertising doesn’t have to cost a ton of money! Whether you’re just starting out in the adult cammodel business or a long time website owner, there are a few aspects of the business that take time to figure out and master. Branding, marketing & advertising are definitely some of the more expensive but crucial tasks that require the majority of your time, attention and financial investment. Ultimately, you …