Sell Mobile App Subscriptions With FanCentro

Cammodels have you been keeping up with all the craze surrounding selling mini mobile subscriptions and snap like content? New tools to help cammodels monetize their hard earned traffic are popping up all over the place. Most allow them give fans a peek into their every day lives. If you haven’t yet found a way to monetize your SnapChat and Instagram accounts, FanCentro can guide you. They are an extension of the Modelcentro brand that’s growing strong. That’s right its the same company that built a wonderful reputation as the go to product for all things related to membership sites.

In fact Model Centro is apart of the BoleynModels network and if you haven’t already contacted them to ensure daily payouts through Boleyn Models, I highly suggest that you do this now. Especially since they’ve released FanCentro and are offering a whopping 75% revenue share to all models using the platform. But if you sign up now you can receive an additional incentive to try FanCentro out. Currently they are running an Instagram Contest where models can win a photo shoot with Ohrangutang.

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How To Manage Your  FanCentro Account

Besides the extremely high payout FanCentro is very user friendly. It comes with an easy to use account management dashboard that allows you to manage your FanChat users in an easy and efficient way. When a new user signs up to your premium, private FanChat, FanCentro will send you an email with the subscribers FanChat ID. You will then add that user to your private FanChat account so they gain access to your private Snaps. When a user cancels, and expires, we will email to remove the expired user. You will track and control this process in your members in the FanCentro Model Admin Panel, so it is very organized and easy to manage.

How Does FanCentro Work For Cammodels?

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FanCentro was designed to allow models and social media influencers the ability to monetize on their adoring fanbase. When your profile attracts your fans, they’ll sign up to be a member of your Premium Private FanChat account. After you add your fans to your private FanChat account, they they have 1 on 1 access to you and your most intimate moments, as long as they remain a paying customer. Before now most models were forced to manually remove non paying fans from their premium accounts. But with FanCentro it’s more organized than previous FanChat subscriptions.

Amazing Features Once You Sign Up For FanCentro

After you’ve completed the sign up process here at you then gain access to tools that will make your SnapChat profile extremely intuitive and attractive for your fans. With this tool you will be able to create routine task and focus more on creating fun content for your subscribers versus doing all the tech work. FanCentro has taken care of that for you. You can get real time updates on your subscribers events, personalize your account, track your subscriptions and promote your account all from one place.  Don’t forget to tell them that BoleynModels sent you.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I don’t think that it’s wise for adult performers to attempt to use Instagram in the same fashion as they would Snapchat. Nor do I believe it to be a sustainable option for subscriptions. Yes, they have similar features but Instagram has far more measures in place to detect automation plus nudity. This can occur even when your account is set to private. If you’d like to learn more about Instagram and it’s algorithm checkout my article on Instagram And Organic Growth


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