Referral System

We currently have a referral program for up to 30% revshare for referring models to the BoleynModels Network.

You’ll be able to see your referral’s earnings posted daily and paid out as daily pay.

Starting at 20%, each additional model adds an additional 1% for all models you refer until it caps at 30%.

Though 30% is on par with industry norms, consider that recruiting programs paying 10%+ pay the models about half what we pay.  Also consider that because of highest payouts and the daily pay feature, we have the highest retention rate in the business and one of the easiest conversion rates.  If you’re purely recruiting, that means models you recruit will continue to work for a long time, rather than disappearing as soon as they figure out they were robbed.

This 30% commission revshare also applies across the board, even if the model tries a new site on the BoleynModels Network…it also does not come from the model’s pay.

BoleynModels Network is the only studio network program that actually has direct signups coming to us instead of trying to escape!  We use zero trickery, marketing gimmicks, or BS because we don’t need them.

Compare with other programs:

BoleynModels (30% revshare) x (5% differential) x (1 year retention) x $1500/week earnings = $1170 per signup.

Other Guys(10% commission) x (20% payout) x (3 months retention) x $1500/week earnings =  $390 per signup…and the model made nearlyhalf what she made with us.

And that’s just on Streamate!  With us, the model has about 10 other options to try, and you’ll get your 30% revshare on the differential no matter which site (or combination) they find their success.

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    In on your dashboard, at the top, is a place called the “affiliate area”. Inside that you can see details of your link and your signups/visits via that link.

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