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Now Express Pay Is Every Day!

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We have finally introduced the Niteflirt platform into the Boleyn Models Daily Pay program. It’s been a long time coming but it’s finally here. So now cammodels in search of more eggs to add to their money making baskets can venture into new worlds, like the world of phone sex and the ability to get paid every day. But of course Niteflirt isn’t just for phone sex operators. This platform is one of the oldest around starting in 2001, it’s a place for clip makers, pso’s and cammodel performers. All performers who advertise their services on NF are referred to as Flirts and until now there wasn’t much of an option where they could receive their funds in a expedited manner and on an exact time table. With Boleyn Models each Flirt has the option of receiving their daily earnings within 24 hours through our daily pay program.

This brings us to the next part and who at this time is qualified to add Niteflirt to their Boleyn Models daily pay program:

  1. Must have been a model with us for 6 months.
  2. Must have significant income on another site(s) with BoleynModels (NF should be under 50% of your total income through us).
  3. Must have history of prompt advance repayment.
Once the test cases are done and we’re comfortable with the workflow, then we’ll open it up to more categories.
Getting Started On Niteflirt
You may create up to 3 accounts on the platform per phone number and credit card. Each account can have up to 21 listings. Mention how the most successful flirts rarely have more than 3. Even with the maximum amount of listings per account, the reality is that only a few will receive phone calls. Therefore I think its best to start with at least one account in the beginning and once you get a good feel of how the platform works then move on to adding a second and then maybe a third.

Does Niteflirt Have A Camscore?

It sure does! Except it’s called the LVS which stands for Listed Value Score. The LVS placement algorithm is unique for each listing and is made up of several components: click rate, customer conversions, recent customer conversions and customer retention. A score is applied to your featured listing to determine it’s value when measured against other listings that are featured as well. The higher your LVS the lower your bid will be to feature your listing in a top position. If you are new to Niteflirt but not camsites in general then you may be familiar with a term known as the camscore. Every camsite has an algorithm in place that determines each models placement on the site, such as Myfreecams who will actively show you what your score is. And in the same fashion NF does as well leaving very little room for uncertainty.

niteflirt listing value score
To this today Niteflirt’s Listed Value Score is the most detailed camscore I’ve ever seen. Although the last detail from the LVS description, customer retention has shown to hold the least amount of weight when determining the price of your bid, I’ve found it to be the most helpful in the long run. Ideally most platforms reward performers who operate with an extremely high conversion rate. In most cases your placement isn’t solely based on the money earned but the ability to entice new members to signup and immediately spend money. Even when customers may click through only to make a small purchase from your listing or a chat room on a major camsite, these sort of consistent conversions are highly favored. To learn more hustle tips and a more in depth explanation on new customers vs. customer retention, stay tuned for the next article for Pro Tips And Tricks On How To Use Niteflirt.

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