Is It Your Anniversary? Earn A 100% Payout On ManyVids!

If you haven’t heard already, ManyVids is the most popular site for adult content creators in the BoleynModels Network. They’re constantly changing and updating their platform by creating services that performers can really use. And this is why we’re so proud to have ManyVids in our daily pay program.  We are both focused on  building a strong community of online sex workers who want to generate an income doing what they love today, and then getting paid tomorrow. 

Recently ManyVids decided to recognize the incredible work and achievements of all their MV Stars by helping them celebrate their MV Anniversary. They’re offering a 100% payout on all video sales generated on the anniversary of the day their account was created. This payout percentage does not reflect the daily pay fee for BoleynModels

Once the calendar date comes around to the exact day you became a MV Star, you’ll make 100% on all videos sold for that 24-hour period. The 100% rate only applies to video sales and is not retroactive. 

And to make sure content creators don’t miss out on this amazing celebration, they will send you an email one week prior to your Anniversary as well as the actual day! You can also check the date of your MV Anniversary anytime by going to your profile and clicking on the *About* tab to see it listed there. This should give you plenty of time to create a marketing plan to send out to all of your adoring fans. If you need any ideas on how to promote your anniversary and cammodel business take a look at Marketing Tips For Cammodels.

We do our best to make it all about our remarkable MV Stars, and our platform is about supporting and uplifting everyone who uses it by giving them the tools they need to make a successful career. -ManyVids 

If you’re interested in signing up for ManyVids…or you have an existing account that you’d like to transfer to the BoleynModels Daily Pay Network, please send an email to

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