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A New Selling Tool For Cammodels

Kik Introduces Kin, A Crypto Currency

Cammodels wanting to add more eggs to their baskets may want to consider offering texting packages with Kik. Yes there are lots of places where model performers can offer texting packages without using the Kik app, and in some cases this may be the fast and easy option. But when you have a large following of loyal supporters who would love to interact and learn more about you, creating a space with maximum pay outs is the way to go. Not only is Kik one of the top messaging apps on the market, it’s also very agreeable in regards to being a side egg for cammodels and adult workers in general. For some time now, Kik has been a great phone companion for models because of it’s discretion and not requiring users to add a phone number for usage. Now the popular app has garnered even more interest by being the very first social media platform to introduce it’s very own crypto currency called Kin.

Kin for Kik isn’t  quite ready for app users at this time, but this is the first ICO (Initial Coin Offering) built into a an app and is expected to roll out world wide over the next few months. To be clear this is not bitcoin but completely interchangeable because bitcoin users will be able to purchase Kin tokens with bitcoins:

Today, we are announcing Kin, a crypto currency built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. (Read our Kin whitepaper here.) By integrating Kin into our chat app Kik, we hope to spark the creation of a new ecosystem of digital services that is open, sustainable, and compelling. It will be an ecosystem in which developers link arms to compete with the giants together, building a better future for society while also making moneySource: Ted Livingston, Founder Of Kik 

How Is Kik’s New Currency Kin, Helpful For Cammodels?

kik kin cryptno currency

Besides adding an additional egg into your basket and creating a way to monetize fan to model interactions, I would put discretion at the top of the list. Currently one of the many battles that adult workers face in regards to payment processing seems to be discretion or the lack there of. Sometimes when we use texting platforms designed to make transactions smoother and hassle free for models, it can turn into a major issue if that particular platform is flagged by your banking system. In recent years some banks, including Chase Bank have started closing sex worker bank accounts, even when the services offered were completely legal. Also as any member within the sex industry will tell you, there are slow periods throughout the year and having as many side jobs as possible will definitely help keep you afloat. I would suggest keeping an eye on this recent venture and start researching alternative payment processing via crypto currencies. To get more information on how to sell Kik texting sessions take a look at this article and 

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