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start-with-streamate-2Streamate is one of the top camming platforms.

They’ve been in business since 2003, and they’re very newbie friendly. Then again, if you’re an old pro looking for a reliable new platform and a new audience, the Streamate is the right place for you to start earning money.

You can earn money through a variety of ways, in addition to your regular chat times and streaming shows. You can earn “gold”, you can perform in gold shows, you can give a private, and an exclusive show. Count on making up to $30 an hour on the low end, and up to $250 an hour on the higher end of-of the pay scale!

If you need to learn the ropes of the business, how t perform, how to set up your equipment, what type of equipment to use, and you’re the type of person who learns by reading the Streamate is the perfect platform for your needs.

In addition, Streamate goes out of their way to protect your safety and your earnings. The platform features “geo-blocking” technology, allowing you to block out locations you don’t want to be featured in.

Best of all, you can earn daily pay when you sign up under the BoleynModels Network. We can monitor your earnings up to the minute and send your pay via direct deposit.

With the BoleynModels Network, commissions are just 5% and you have ZERO lockdown period if you aren’t satisfied. Try Streamate on the BoleynModels Network with zero risk.

You can find more information about Streamate here.

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