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Winter is here and it’s time for our Boleyn Models to duke it out #ForTheThrone. We’re having a Game Of Thrones inspired Twitter contest for all cammodels and clip makers. Even if you aren’t a member of the Boleyn Models Daily Pay network you may still participate.  If you’ve followed our Twitter account over the past few years, then you’ve realized that we are GOT fanatics. Each Sunday I live tweet during every episode and it can get a bit nuts.

The tension between the characters and excruciating plot twist usually send me into hysterics. One would think I was watching the Super Bowl instead white walkers marching across the seven kingdoms. This year I thought it would be a fun idea to have a 10 day retweet contest. The rules are very simple and are basically the same as our previous events, but this time there’s a bonus prize!

All cammodels and adult content creators are eligible to enter the retweet contest. The contest ends on April 14th just before the season 8 premier of GOT. However you must be a US citizen to be entered into the second part which is a bonus raffle. The bonus items will consist of prizes that will be shipped to your home address.

The cammodel with the most retweets that mention @boleynmodels plus one of the following hashtags wins a $100 Amazon Gift Card: #gameofthrones, #got, #got8 or #fortherone. The second place winner will receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card. If you are a member of our studio we can add your prize winnings to your daily payout. It’s completely up to you.

The second part of our #ForTheThrone Contest is the bonus raffel for those residing in the US and have 10 or more retweets during the contest. The prize items will include cammodel essentials like rgb led lights, GOT swag and more!  This contest will be so much fun and it will be a great way us to get to know more of you via our Twitter page.

game of thrones season 8

Do you like to make memes? I love memes and our page will be filled with lots of them. Remember in the season 7 finale when the White Walkers stepped onto the ice like it was pickup game? It was absolutely imperative that I create a meme that reflected that moment perfectly. I love gifs too and please do not be shy to share any and all GOT inspired content with us. Not only will you make more cambuddies but it will be an opportunity to generate more engagement with your adoring fans. If you haven’t already, do so now…follow us on Twitter @Boleynmodels

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