FeetFinder The Latest Website For Foot Fetishist

FeetFinder is the latest content site for foot fetishist and they are apart of the Boleyn Models network. Starting tomorrow April, 16th, FeetFinder will open to the general public for all your foot lover needs and desires. This will be a platform where content creators and buyers can discreetly come together in perfect harmony. What makes this new site stand out from the other content sites within our daily pay network is, FeetFinder is soley (pun intended) for foot fetishist. If you like purchasing foot pics and clips or enjoy taking pics of your illustrious toes, then this could potentially be the site for you.

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What Exactly Is FeetFinder?

FeetFinder is the the most convenient website for verified users to buy or sell custom feet pictures and/or videos of foot fetish content in a safe and secure environment. Both models and purchasers must be 18 years or older to use the website. There are no membership or subscription fees upon joining the site but there is a 20% credit card processing fee for all purchases made. They are based out of Washington state and currently only models who reside within the US are eligible to join. All genders are welcome to buy and/or sell their customized content here. They are making plans to give greater access to international markets sometime in the future. 

It appears that selling tangible items are allowed for now:

FeetFinder Does NOT Display Pornographic Content!

This information is from the sites TOS: Members are not allowed to display nudity or pornographic content and this rule is strictly enforced. Users who ask for explicit content and/or pornographic content will be suspended or banned permanently from FeetFinder.

I spoke recently with a member from their team and decided to press him on the no pornographic content rule. For example I asked if content depicting foot job simulations with the use of dildos were allowed and the answer was no. This is something that each model should keep in mind when creating content for this site. The foot fetish arena is extremely varied and may not always include genitalia and sexual acts. Quite often the consumers of this fetish aren’t looking for nudity at all, but as cammodels we should all be prepared for those who do. If you decide to join this site it’s best not to push the boundaries and explore other ways of displaying your perfect arches.

If you’re new to the foot fetish realm here are a few areas of interest that can help you while you do your research:

  • Toe Dangling
  • Dirty Feet Fetish
  • High Arches
  • Panty Hose & Feet
  • Squashing (Not Animal Related)
  • Pedal Pumping (Yup, it’s a thing.)
  • Foot Lotioning

If you’re ever looking for more ideas on what’s popular in the world of foot fetishes, take a look at the many categories found on Clips4Sale. They’re also a member of our daily pay network. 

Cammodels are allowed to share links to their social media profiles but all sales must stay on the platform. Any mention of alternative payment options such as CashApp, Paypal or any others will result in members losing their account. In addition to those restrictions content creators are not allowed to use FeetFinder for real time meetups or domme sessions. 

Take A Peek Inside The Dashboard:

feetfinder foot fetishes feetfinder foot fetishist

We are currently beta testing our payment system with their platform. This currently means that every verified person who signs up for Feetfinder is eligible for daily payments through the Boleyn Models Network. Our current models can find out how to connect their accounts through the payment information gateway. 




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