Earn A 91% Sales Commission On Clips4Sale Plus Daily Payments

Clips4Sale the largest adult content site in the world has extended their Helping Hands 100% Commission Sales Incentive. The sales incentive initially started during the month of April to help cammodels earn more money during the Covid-19 crisis. Because the response was so great Clips4Sale decided to extend the promotion through out the month of May. C4S is a member of the Boleyn Models Daily Pay network and this means you’re eligible for faster payments if you’re signed up through us. Your payments will arrive based on the payout amount you set in your dashboard at 91.67%.

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Adult performers are expected to earn a 100% commission when they generate traffic outside of Clips4Sale. You have must drive outside traffic to your clip store via the Forever CID Link code found in the admin section. This is the only way to become eligible for an increased commission. 

clips4sale helping hands 100%

Here’s how it works:

  • Log in to your Store Admin: https://admin.clips4sale.com/login/
  • Click on the new banner on the homepage of the store admin.
  • If you already have a Forever CID Code you will see it displayed on the incentives page (https://admin.clips4sale.com/incentives). YOU MUST CLICK THE BUTTON TO ACTIVATE YOUR STORE IN THE NEW PROMOTION. You can add the CID code to the end of any links, such as: your store URL or individual clip URLs.
  • If you do not have a Forever CID Code just click the button on the incentive page (https://admin.clips4sale.com/incentives) to generate your unique Forever CID Code. YOU MUST CLICK THE BUTTON TO ACTIVATE YOUR STORE IN THE NEW PROMOTION. You can add the CID code to the end of any links, such as: your store URL or individual clip URLs.
  • YOU CAN NOT – Raise the prices of your clips for the incentive (clip prices will be reviewed for the last 30 days for price consistency).
  • YOU CAN – Post your contest code link anywhere link posting is allowed online (EX. social media, personal websites, admin email, forums, and message boards).

If you’re not already a member of the Boleyn Models daily pay network and would like to have your C4S account transferred over to us, please send an email to rae@boleynmodels.com to get started. For more information on our partnership please take a look at how you can Get Your Clips4Sale Payments Everyday


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