Cammodels, Learn How To Thrive During The Summer

Now that we’re heading into the Summer season which can for some cammodels be a slow period. In fact during the summer months across the United States many businesses experience a decrease in sales during this time, and not just in the adult industry. For years many cammodels have speculated that the decline of sales and large of amounts of missing customers during this time is a result of great weather. At first that explanation seems so simplistic and basic that it’s hard to believe because the process of making money during this time is so complicated. But to give more insight on what I believe the issue to be in regards to “great weather” and missing camsite customers, is fewer and fewer men have leisure time at their disposal.

summer tips for cammodels

Since Summer is upon us this means that school is out and more children are at home and are needing more care and parental guidance. This makes things far more difficult for customers to sneak away and visit their favorite cammodel. So now as a result of traffic slowdowns and fewer skype request cammers may want to incorporate a few camathons into their monthly routine to make up for low income days. In case you are unaware of what a camathon is, it’s when a cammodel decides to work a larger than average work shift on their chosen camsite. How long the camathon last is strictly up to each individual cammer and can basically go on for as long as they can endure. I would advise against spontaneous camathons and instead properly prepare for the event.

cammodel tips

Another great idea to keep your cash flow running smoothly and often is to collect your regulars. It’s always best to do this ahead of the Summer months or whatever time of year that you experience a slowdown in earnings. For some cammodels it’s at the end of August and can last for some models until the Holiday months in November. So in edition to doing a few camathons per month, I suggest reaching out to your favorite customers and start offering them incentives during the Summer months. In fact I would go a step further and collect as much contact information as you possibly can with their permission of course.

What I like to do is ask each of my highest paying regulars if it’s okay to send friendly text from time to time. I of course do not recommend using your actual phone number to do this but with the use of web applications such as Google Voice sending text messages is a perfectly safe thing to do. You may want to obtain their skype id’s as well as email addresses. Basically you will want to get with them individually to determine which method is preferred and be sure to personalize each encounter. You want to make them feel special and cherished in a way that shows that you truly appreciate all the kind things they do for you during the rest of the year.

If you’re interested in learning more information on how to start a cammodel challenge that can increase your earnings and make up for slow periods live on cam, please visit The CamHustlers Camathon Survival Guide

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