national dog day

Cammodels And The Pets Who Love Them

It's National Dog Day!!!

In honor of National Dog Day, I decided to share a twitter thread showcasing all the cammodel furbabies out there.

For many of us as cammodels we spend a large amount of time indoors and mostly alone. The life of a camgirl can be very isolating due to the fact we don’t have to leave the house in order to generate an income. Most of our day to day interactions are done online and even our financial transactions are done online as well. If you’re using payout methods like daily payments through Boleyn Models or direct deposit from any of the biggest camsites, then your routine allows you to become a homebody. In other terms this is known as an introvert and I do believe many cammodels to be just that. But how do so many models maintain a life that isn’t void of emotional contact and stability? I’ve found that after my ten years as a veteran in this industry, that many cammodels are just like me and rely on their four legged friends to keep them company.

Camgirls and their furbabies is now my new favorite past time. I myself have been a dog mom for 11 years now and my precious angel has not only brought me emotional support during slow spells and has always been by my side, even  that one time I saw a poisonous copperhead snake in the back yard.  He’s also the same dog that chased off a black bear in the Ocala National Forest but is afraid of puppies? I think at this point he’s earned his right to sleep on the bed and have all the treats his little terrier teeth can handle.

But How Do You Keep Them Off The Bed While Camming?
I know that not all cammers are working from a large space and may not have the option of separating their furbabies from their camspace. From time to time I may not be able to leave my little dog in a different room so I have to set him up in the same space. Usually while I’m getting my hair and makeup in order I may allow him to lay on the bed for a few minutes. I like my dog am a creature of habit. It seems that as soon as I snap my makeup bag close he begins to stand up and prepare to get comfy on the floor. I’ve created a space for him in the corner with cushy pillows and blankets.
What If My Furbaby Has Separation Anxiety?
Sometimes our pets can become so attached to us that the site of you putting your shoes on can make them nervous. When my dog was younger he’d start licking his lips while I prepared to leave the house. I imagine that seeing this made him antsy by not knowing if he would get to come along or not? Gradually over time he learned how to calm himself down and now it’s no longer an issue. What I did to help him stay calm was by leaving a pile of laundry on the floor. If you’re not naturally a neat person then this shouldn’t be too difficult for you to do. By having materials that have your human scent on it this will make your pets more comfortable and help with separation anxiety. So I would definitely suggest trying this trick if you need to remove your pet from your camspace. Even if it’s just a little space off to the side out of view of your webcam, adding a few items of clothing could keep them content and off the bed.

 on Twitter and don’t forget to tweet us all of your furbaby tweets in honor of National Dog Day. (Cats are allowed too!) I promise to retweet them…even if it doesn’t have any fur!

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