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One of the many obstacles and annoyances that many cammodels face are related to stolen content that’s then spread all over the internet. Many will spend countless hours scouring the net looking for their content and filling out take down forms for DMCA services. But unfortunately fighting piracy as a cammodel who streams live on the interwebs is like playing a never ending game of wack-a-mole. Because once you’re done filling out a dmca form and waiting for the stolen content to be removed another recorded show appears on a different website. Sometimes it’s the very same website that you may have contacted in regards to a takedown on a previous date. It’s never ending and becomes extremely time consuming. Fortunately for cammodels there are now anti-piracy and privacy protection services that we can rely on to assist us with having stolen content removed from shady websites.

cammodel protection

Fortunately services like Cammodel Protection provides assistance for models and has a three teir system created exclusively for cammodels. One of the benefits to using a service like Cammodel Protection is to have control of your content as well as maintain a successful life long after you retire from your cammodel career. . When a Cam Model signs up for a Pro or Superstar account they will monitor the Internet 24/7/365 for your pirated images, videos and live webcam recordings. So even when you want to move on to a new chapter in life and and may not be able to find all of your xrated content a takedown service may be required to assist you with deleting your adult worker past. A take down service will file on a cammodels behalf and make sure that pirated images, live webcam shows plus videos are eliminated from hosting services, search engines and tubesites.

cammodel protection

Cammodel Protection even offers a free month trial to test out their anti-piracy and private protection service. Models can choose from one of three levels that fits with whatever budget a cammer has. It’s recommended that newer cammodels start out with their Starter package that includes up to 100 takedown notices per month. This is perfect for a performer who may not have a large catalog of clips or camshows under their belt quite yet. However the Starter program does not include daily link removals or removal from social media, google search and google images. You will need to go for either the Pro version or the Superstar package.

As you become more and more popular in you webcam career you may find yourself needing more protection and should probably opt in for the Superstar program. Veteran cammodels who sign up for the Superstar program are given access to a personal agent two hours a week who will manually search for your stolen content each week. And if this isn’t something that you want to spend money on Cammodel Protection will even allow your customers to gift you a takedown package as way of showing you how much they appreciate you. To learn more about Cammodel Protection visit their site and see why so many models are using their service.

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