BoleynModels Webcam Models Program Guarantee

Were you promised:

  • A $1000 signing bonus?
  • Top rates?
  • Prizes such as computers, cars, or vacations?
  • Increased commissions and bonuses the more you earn?

We’ll match any “recruiting” studio offer in the business, including the exact contract terms, commissions, privacy protections, content ownership rights, payment periods, and prizes/bonuses. Once you read the fine print, you’ll understand why we’re the best…or you can sign with us under the other studio’s full terms and still keep the fringe benefits listed above.

BK Boleyn

Accounts Manager

Katy Boleyn

Owner and CFO

Raelynn Waverly

Program Manager

The BoleynModels Network is one of the fastest growing modeling programs in the web camming business. Starting in December of 2013, is still growing strong and serving the needs of both new and veteran models in the industry. We’ve worked hard to build a solid reputation for providing maximum service with minimal commission rates, and currently pay the highest rates on the network. This is combined with top rate support for any questions you might have, giving you immediate and very direct answers for all your concerns. This is our experiment to prove that you can still do a business well and maintain your integrity in the adult industry, without resorting to predatory practices or deceptive sales pitches. And its working.

We work with 20 major sites

Most “recruiting” studios work with just one site, the BoleynModels Network works with more than 20 major sites, including all the major names in the business. You can choose which ones to sign with as you want. To put it simply, more sites means more money. If you count white-labels, you could be getting customers from as many as 260,000 websites from around the world. Remember though that you determine your level of exposure. Sites we don’t work with either have no tools for us to use or have a consistent record of giving models a negative experience – your input guides these decisions.

Compared to other programs like InternetModeling or Camrjobs, you earn 50% more with us. We don’t take your money and give a small part of it back to you with gimmicky prizes. We also don’t lock you into draconian contracts. What we do have is a very modest commission in exchange for a very real service…reliable pay for your work, at the highest rates of any program, and paid every day. If you’re dissatisfied working with us for any reason, we let you go with no questions asked and no harassment, and you keep your site accounts. Nobody else offers this.

This program was started by myself, a current model that still puts in 30 hours a week on cam as Katy Boleyn. I didn’t get fabulously rich overnight doing this, but I was able to make enough immediately that I was able to quit my minimum wage job and support a family of 4 very comfortably while my hubby attended college.

Many years later, we’re very much ahead of the game and decided that this business is for us for the long haul. I understand perfectly what its like to struggle with lay-offs, dead-end jobs, harassment from bosses and co-workers, and being treated like a child by public assistance people. This profession was our ticket into a very comfortable middle-class existence, independently, and this program is my way of helping to give that to other people in a similar situation.

Top earnings and rates

While many studios promise top payment, the fine print means they can take up to half of the money that belongs to you. Our deals with many sites means that the BoleynModels Network can offer daily payment, with no risk of refund or chargeback, for sometimes higher rates than signing up for the site directly. While most studios lock you into contracts, sometimes for life, the BoleynModels Network has no timed contract. Any time you wish to be independent we will release you with no questions asked. We also only partner with other sites and studios that have a similar ethic.

There’s a certain pride and dignity that comes with being able to say, “My kid needs diapers, I’m going to hop on cam for an hour and then hit the store tomorrow.” No need to beg anyone or panic that you won’t make rent, you just wake up knowing that what you need you can get by doing a few hours work and the money will be there waiting in your account by the next morning.

Then, you also have the freedom that goes with being able to not need to beg some pimply manager for a few hours off if your child needs cookies brought to class. Its a beautiful thing.

Quite frankly there’s not much else to sell you on. It can be hard work some days, but you get out of this what you put into it. This profession respects no educational class, no gender or gender role, no social class, age (over 18!), or any other factor or bad record. There is no job interview, no urinalysis, no background check to do this. You just hop on cam and make your money.

XOXO Katy and the Team