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When Regulars Turn Into Freeloaders

There comes a time in every cammodel career when they may have to sever ties with a clingy regular and move on to greener less chaotic pastures. Sometimes the lines between online virtual services and real world relationships become blurred and over all messy. What we provide as cammodels can range from an online girl friend experience that provides each fan with a personal glimpse into our private lives, with tools like Snapchat or Twitter …

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PayRoll Advances For Cammodels

Our Payment Information Gateway also known as The P.I.G,  is nearing it’s final “feature completion” stage with just a few small things left to add.  After this, we’ll be putting our development resources towards new, exciting, and top “secret” ventures. One of the last features to go into the P.I.G, is our new Pay Advance system.  Since the beginning Pay Advances have been a key feature of our daily pay program and it has allowed …


Work From Home As A Webcam Model

Work from home jobs are becoming increasingly more popular as technology advances. Webcam modeling is just one of the many options that people of all genders can choose when searching for a work from home opportunity. It may appear at first glance that becoming a cammodel is only deemed acceptable if you’re a young woman but the truth is…it’s for everyone. In some ways the camming industry is becoming more and more mainstream, eliminating quite …

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The Complete Camathon Survival Guide

The purpose of this article is to offer a few camgirl tips on how to create a camathon challenge that’s personally catered to their own needs. This will ensure that the actuality of meeting and completing this personal challenge is something that’s attainable and sustainable as well. In fact this up coming week would be a great time to start this challenge if you’re within the Boleyn Models daily pay program and perform live on …

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Camgirls Unite

When you’re a solo camgirl performing live on cam it sometimes becomes a bit stagnant, but if you have the option to do couples camming this is a great way to change things up. Having a cambuddy or partner can be a very rewarding experience,  and in addition it’s also a great way to make lots of money.  Couples camming is wildly popular and lots of people love watching these sort of camshows online. And …

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Summer Time Hustle Tips For Cammodels

TajaEthereal   Summer. It’s almost here and for many cammodels this tends to be the slowest time of the year. BUT it doesn’t have to be. There’s still plenty of time to prepare for the summer season and set yourself up so that you can maintain your income during the dreaded “Summer Drought”. Now please do not panic, especially if you’re new to the cammodel industry and may be unaware of this cammodel phenomenon. Don’t …

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Cammodels Can Sell Kik Sessions

Kik the social media app for messaging has been an adult workers tool for texting for some time now. Although the popular app has been a great competitor for Facebook’s WhatsApp and even Snapchat, Kik has still maintained it’s prescence as a cammodel’s favorite. And now since Kik has raised over $120 Million dollars dedicated to it’s new crypto currency Kin, I think using the app for selling texting packages is an ideal egg for any …

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Self Care For Cammodels: When And How To Block A Regular

Kinky Josephine       I’m going to make two statements that may appear to be conflicting and extremely polarizing. But if you stick with me I promise to explain. As a cammodel having a group of regular clients can generally make running your business easier. A cammodels worst enemy is burn-out and over exertion while attempting to please regular clients. Most of the time, these two simple truths rarely contradict each other at all; …

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Self Care For Cam Models

In a previous article I discussed how Cammodels can spot the signs of a manipulative customer and what happens when a regular becomes a freeloader. It happens quite often and can become mentally draining for cammodels who were blind sided by the change in demeanor and may not yet know how to conserve their energy. And the truth is not every paying customer has great intentions your interest in mind. We’re talking about online businesses dealing with …

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Should Cammodels Use Facebook?

Most applications including Facebook have a search option using your email address. You can access your privacy setting and turn the ability to be found via your email address off apps like Facebook,Tumblr and Twitter. However this does not protect you from being found via a google search with your email address if you post it online. A great number of cammodels have personal webpages and blogs used to advertise themselves. Often times you will …