Life Hacks For Cammodels

When I first became a cammodel life hacks and the basic do’s and dont’s of webcammodeling were pretty hard to find.  And as far as I knew there weren’t any rules or guidelines to follow. Immediately my head filled with notions of fast cash success and immediate financial freedom. Without a few life hacks to get me started my career as a cammodel were off to a bumpy start.

After you’ve done your research and decided what camsite you’d like to sign up for, create a schedule. If only I had known that logging into my chosen site anytime I wanted would not equal more money, I could have saved so much time. Managing your time on and off cam is extremely important as a webcammodel. Working the same time every week is how you will build a regular clientele. Even if you’re only available 15 hours a week, make sure its the same 15 hours each and every week. Often times customers lurk and watch from “afar” before they spend. If your schedule is sporadic they won’t know how to find you and may go off to someone more consistent.

Once you’ve gotten your cammodel routine down and are a bit more comfortable you may want to set a daily goal. Some cammers have hourly goals vs. having a financial goal set for each shift. The only person that can determine what is sufficient is you. I suggest doing this after you’ve been on cam for a few weeks.  Because in the beginning just staying logged in and maneuvering your way through camshows is more than enough to keep you busy. When you’ve moved on to setting goals you should know how much you would like to make per hour. And from there you can set a weekly goal.

Keeping track of your time and money can be over whelming at first. But with these little life hacks,tips and tricks becoming a successful cammodel is more than possible.

My favorite apps for time management:

Lastpass It helps with keeping track of all passwords

Mint Personalized spreadsheets and graphs

Daily Expenses  Track daily expenses and helps with setting a daily goal

For more tips and tricks take a look at this article on Cammodel Technology


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