Income Verification

BoleynModels can verify your income by phone, fax, or official letter.  We can also fill out any necessary forms and return them in a timely manner to wherever they need to go.

BoleynModels Network members in the standard program may request this at any time, as often as they want, and there is no additional fee.*

Our official business name is a generic sounding web-based marketing and content firm, complete with website.  For privacy reasons (and to keep away teh Google searching) we will not reveal it here.  BoleynModels Network members will be given details on how to utilize this on an as-needed basis.

Keep in mind that we can only verify your total contractor income as earned through our Network sites.  We can play with the date windows to come up with the average that you want, but we can’t outright lie about anything.  The fact that this is “adult” work will be completely omitted from any official correspondence.


*”Direct Pay” program members have fees that apply.

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