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Cammodels Get Ready For The Holiday Hustle

It's Never Too Early

For each season comes a new reason to prepare for your cammodel future and because the Holidays are right around the corner, this is a perfect time to get ready. Most cammodels will tell you that the summer months can be frustrating and sometimes unnerving due to the lack of traffic/interest on major camsites. Of course there are cammers who excel during the summer months and may not experience the summer slump. But all the same I think that many will agree that the Holiday season categorized as the period between Halloween and New Years Eve is where many of us excel and have learned how to properly position oneself for maximum earning potential.

holiday hustle
Why Are The Holidays So Profitable?
Contrary to belief many camsite visitors are more willing to spend money during cold weather months and seasons catering to families caught up with the holiday spirit. The truth is the Holidays can be a difficult time for many people for various reasons and most notably those members who may not have a family or love one to spend time with during a cold winter, are likely to seek out some sort of companionship. Also because the temperature drops during this time people are more likely to spend more time indoors isolating themselves from other people for the sake of staying warm. What do you think a man does when he’s alone and bored without any real prospects for a relationship or a real time connection? Most likely it’s combing through major camsites looking for the perfect person to experiment with as a remedy for the Holiday Blues.

Ways To Perfect The Holiday Hustle
My suggestion for cammodels wanting to maximize during this time would be to start now and begin working on your websites. If you do not already have a self hosted website, not all is lost because there is plenty of time to set up something as easy as a word press blog. And in addition to setting up a website cammodels can create an online marketing plan to drive traffic to your webpages. If you are thinking of creating a site and thinking of a domain name. Read up on search engine optimization and brand recognition when deciding on a domain name. Try to make it make it memorable and definitely based on your actual cammodel name. Your branding should be consistent and translate across every platform that you stream from.

Most performers choose a name that is identical to their performer name. Or a variation of that name. Also another good idea is to choose a name that includes your cammodel niche to help with visibility on search engines like Google or Bing.

The Consistent Hustle Is The Hustle That Pays
Now that you’ve begun the journey on building an online presence it’s crucial to maintain a consistent and steady flow of uploads plus blogging on your cammodel blog. As previously stated you can always create a social media campaign using platforms like Twitter and Instagram. But when you have your own website you’re able to achieve creative freedom while blogging about your everyday life and cammodel services. Typically cammers should update their personal website at least twice a week with blog post that contain no less than 500 words including long tail keywords for your specific niche and/or fetish.

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The more often you update your site the more often Google will send crawlers to your domain thus giving your webpages more google juice that will make you appear at the top of keyword searches. What you really want is organic traffic that will help all of those lonely men during the Holiday Season find you and make you their personal sweet heart. If you start blogging now at the beginning of October with at least two blog post a week you will experience premimum real estate on the internet in no time.

Work Your Customer List
Even if you decide against a personal website there are still other options to increase your income during the Holidays. Some people are shy when it comes to email list and are less likely to engage previous customers in this fashion. However I’ve found that many of my long time regulars are more than excited to receive thank you notes and personal updates via email. A large number of the guys we interact with on camsites are shy and extremely awkward. Therefore it’s not always a bad idea to initiate first contact in regards to setting up camshows or sexy phone calls. Create newsletters showing off new sexy outfits and up coming events in camland. Are you planning a camathon sometime soon? Why not send your best regular letting them know when you’ll be on. Create a buzz around your camdates and give the illusion of exclusivity by announcing it in advance. Remember its the beginning of October and by creating teasers for Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram, men will have become familiar with you and your cammodel services by Thanksgiving.

Take Notes. The Hustle Never Sleeps

In additions to creating email list and newletters for your growing number of fans, models should also get into the habit of taking notes on their top spenders. Jot down details like their kinks and trigger words also information like what day and time they’ve purchased a camshow. This way you’ll know when the best time to approach your fanbase and initiate a camshow. Once you’ve gathered enough information on your customers send out a personalized message including at least one their kinks letting them know that you’re ready to play live on cam or Skype. I truly believe that creating a personal experience for you fanbase will definitely keep you on their mind when home alone during the coldest of winter months.

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