Contract Terms

The BoleynModels Network does not impose any “non-compete” clauses in our standard Terms of Service.  You are not locked down or committed in any way.

BoleynModels does not directly impose any kind of time or earnings quota for any of our standard services.  Some websites may require these to work, but that is between you and the Site(s) to determine.

We also don’t enforce any disciplinary action from a given website with these exceptions:

  • An actual crime was committed (fraud, abuse, minor participation)
  • Use of PayPal for receiving client payments.
  • Excessive rule breaking which jeopardizes our own account with a given site.

At any time, you may request to leave the BoleynModels Network and take your site accounts with you if this is possible with the particular site.  We will happily send emails “releasing” you from our service if required by a site in a timely manner.

You will also receive a final settlement within 30 days according to our terms.  In practice, this is generally under 3 days.

If you are leaving camming, please let us know so we may properly close your accounts.  If there’s a chance you might come back, let us know that also so we can suspend your accounts until you’re ready again.  Be sure to leave us a good mailing address, as your tax forms will still need to be sent at the end of the year.

If we do any specialized promotion for you or you do other business with us besides camming, specific contracts may be drawn up that change the above terms.

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