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Self-employment 101: Thinking Like An Entrepreneur

By KinkyJosephine For many cammodels, the start of their camming career is the fist time they make a jump from traditional employment to running their own business. Many are prepared to work hard, but being a business owner is not just about working hard – you also need to think about your work differently. I would like to offer some tips on the differences between the employee mindset and the entrepreneur mindset, and the practical …

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Sell Mobile App Subscriptions With FanCentro

Cammodels have you been keeping up with all the craze surrounding selling mini mobile subscriptions and snap like content? New tools to help cammodels monetize their hard earned traffic are popping up all over the place. Most allow them give fans a peek into their every day lives. If you haven’t yet found a way to monetize your SnapChat and Instagram accounts, FanCentro can guide you. They are an extension of the Modelcentro brand that’s …

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Multi Streaming For Cammodels

ScarlettPixl After working for a couple years as an online streamate both as a camgirl and gaming on Twitch, I learned how important it is to be a multitask-er and keep track of EVERYTHING you do while streaming. Why is it so important to stay on top of your multi-streams? It’s very simple, one small mistake in either the video or audio quality of your stream can turn your shift into a nightmare, resulting in …

smartphones vs dslr cameras

Should Cammodels Use Professional Photographs?

A question I see asked quite often within the cammodel community is whether or not a cammer should get professional photographs done to complete their portfolio. Mostly camgirls and camboys build their public personas around selfies and mobile apps like Snapchat and Twitter, providing fans with a more authentic experience. In many cases it would appear that the most attractive way to build a following is by showing people a piece of the “real” you …

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Cammodel Accessories

Once you’ve gotten the ball rolling and have become more comfortable as a camgirl, you may want to explore and obtain a few camgirl accessories. The basic essentials of camming are the Logitech C920 webcam, a computer with at least an I5 processor and of course high speed internet. But what about all the other bells and whistles that can make your cammodel job more interesting if not easier? It’s not always suggested that a …

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Snapchat Filters For Cammodels And Live Streaming

The latest rage in cammodel streaming is Snap Camera from Snapchat, plus beauty filters! Alright beauty filters aren’t exactly a new thing for live streams, but Snap Camera is! After several inquiries hit my inbox for tips on filters also known as LUTS, I decided to test them out for myself over the weekend. The two major camsites that I tried the new Snap Camera with were two of the most popular sites within the …

lut obs webcam filter

Cinematic Filters In OBS For WebCammodels

If you’ve been around the internet in recent years, you’ve probably noticed all the different cinematic filters used on social media while posting pics. Over time those filters have advanced from simple still pictures to live streams in apps like Snapchat and Instagram. And now it’s even possible to use cinematic filters also known as LUTS, in programs like OBS. I will go in more detail down below on what exactly a LUT is, but …

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When Regulars Turn Into Freeloaders

There comes a time in every cammodel career when they may have to sever ties with a clingy regular and move on to greener less chaotic pastures. Sometimes the lines between online virtual services and real world relationships become blurred and over all messy. What we provide as cammodels can range from an online girl friend experience that provides each fan with a personal glimpse into our private lives, with tools like Snapchat or Twitter …