New Webcam Video Recording Software Logitech Capture

If you’re an adult content creator, webcam model or both, you should definitely checkout Logitech Capture. This is brand new webcam recording software created by Logitech. It’s still in Beta and there are a few features that could use a little work. However if you’re only looking for something to replace their previous webcam recording software, this will definitely work. What Is Logitech Capture Exactly? First off it’s not just a video recorder but it’s …

Streamate gold menu

The New Gold Menu From Streamate

Streamate just made things easier in free with the new Gold Menu. Now Cammodels on Streamate can display their tip menu in an organized fashion. Before the new Gold Menu cammers would have to use pre-set messages that only appeared when manually selected. Going forward this will become a tool that will assist both the model as well as members on the site. With interactive menus being a popular tool on most camsites, the team …

Make money texting

Unblur.Media, Tech For The Adult Industry Just Joined Boleyn Models

Now joining the Boleyn Models Daily Pay network is Unblur a new option for independent camming and content creators. Unblur is an indy platform powered by Skyprivate and was created for those with their very own fanbase in need of a one stop storefront. This new venture will most likely appeal to cammers who prefer selling content on websites where their items are highlighted, front and center. Adult performers can use Unblur as their main …


Vanessa Explains Streamate Placement

Streamate’s cammodel outreach coordinator, Vanessa discusses cammodel placement in her latest blog post. She goes over common misconceptions and tips on how to improve your Streamate placement.  Several months ago SM sent out a an email announcing Smart Placement for cammodels and what to expect moving forward. In the email SM, one of the industries leading camsites refers to the change as “Smarter Placement”. From the sound of things it appears that they’re taking notes …

cammodel technology behind the scenes

Behind The Scenes Tech Ideas For Cammodels

Taja Ethereal For most cammodels I think we can all agree that how we decide to decorate our camrooms is in many ways an extension of ourselves and a way to show off our personalities. This is especially true when you’re a new camgirl wanting to make a lasting impression during your very first live stream. So much attention is paid to camroom decor and frivolous details like pillow arrangements, that quite often the basic …

computer shopping for camgirls

Computer Shopping For Cammodels

I’m a new camgirl and I don’t know what kind of computer I need to make the most money. Should I go out and buy a gaming computer? Laptop or desktop? These are a few of the more common questions from camland in regards to computer shopping, that I receive on a daily basis. And they seem to be a range of questions that solicit answers that are forever changing, or at least they appear …

streamate promotional tools
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Streamate Updates And Promotional Tools

We’re heading into a new Spring season and we have plenty of Streamate Updates plus several ways to promote your cammodel profiles. First up Streamate has updated the latest version of the SMBroadcast giving it full Cam2Cam capabilities. There’s currently a brand new survey found in your Streamatemodels’ dashboard regarding Cam2Cam and which is your preferred software. If you’ve chosen to use the SMBroadcast here is the most recent update: Get the Improved Cam2Cam Experience …

switter twitter for sexworkers

Meet Switter. The New Twitter For Sex Workers

The new social media platform created for sexworkers is Switter and it’s catching on fast! Currently as I create this post it’s only been live for 23 hours and all ready my Twitter timeline is filled with cammodels, pso’s, and pornstars sharing their switter handles. After digging around a bit I discovered that Switter was created by a two devolopers based in Austria who operate under the name AssemblyFour. Below is their Mission Statement found …

cammodels use social media

Social Media Tips For Cammodels

When I first started out as a  camgirl my first social media platform was Myspace.  Yup! It was that long ago. Social has since grown and evolved into something more than glitter graphics and sparkly text. Full disclosure, I pray that one day the original Myspace will make a comeback. But in the meantime we’ll have to make do with what we have. Typically for first time users of when trying social media for self promotion , …