29 July – Site Updates

Just a few short announcements –

Site Hosting – BoleynModels

We’ve moved our hosting to a different server.  Most of this move has gone smoothly with no interruption in service.  There could be some downtime of a few hours to a day or so in the future when we transfer over our domain names and complete the move.



We fixed the signup form, for some reason it had died.

Important: MyFetishLive has made a deal with a tube site to increase traffic for their models.  Portions and clips of some of your shows will be recorded and used for targeted advertising in the near future.  You can opt out from this by selecting the advertising “opt-out” option on your dashboard there.

Contact their owner with any questions or concerns regarding this.


TubeCamgirl and ChatGF

Russian/Italian site ChatGF (a boutique box site) has launched its SkyPrivate plugin-powered indy site.  One signup will get you an account on both sites.  Note that you cannot run the SkyPrivate plugin and TubeCamgirl plugin at the same time.

This is daily pay at 0% commission if you work there – you will receive the full amount as if you directly signed up.  “TubeCamgirl” is just a name, it does not imply you will be broadcast on any tube site.



Forms are fixed, sign up at your leisure.

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